Improve Your Direct Communication with Social Messaging Apps?

Improve Your Direct Communication with Social Messaging Apps?

Social messaging apps allow you to communicate with a small group or an individual whether its your work team or customers.

When you want to share information directly and you want to know that others have seen your messages, this is the best way to create this direct communication feed. This can work great for your team or for customer communication.

You’ll Love the Real-Time Communication

Many people set aside a specific time of the day to look at their email and these chains can become long and hard to decipher. Using messaging apps you can share information similar to what you would in a chat room. This allows everyone to share short snippets of information back and forth without filling their email inboxes. Talk about collaboration; this is it.

Excellent Communication Tool with Customers

The fact that you can have a group that is as small or as large as you want when using social messaging apps makes it easy for you to have the conversation you need to. You could have a direct conversation with your customer where they send you a photo of a part or item that’s faulty and you can quickly send them a PDF with a return label. This is part of the expanded benefits of this type of communication.

Create a “Wow” Moment for Your Customers

Sometimes, the easiest way to win over a customer is to communicate with them consistently and clearly. That can be done with one of the messaging apps offered. Some customers don’t want to be bombarded by phone calls and would rather see a message they can respond to in their time instead of getting a phone call that will require them to interrupt their day.

The Speed of Your Team is in this Communication

If your team relies on email to communicate, simple decisions that could be made within a few minutes might have to wait until the next day. With the use of social messaging apps, communication can be handled quickly and directly. Some files can be shared through this communication and your projects can be completed much sooner than expected because your communication is immediate and seamless.

Monitor the Progress of Projects

Whether you’re managing a team and need to see how they are moving through a project or you’re responsible for the one-time tasks or recurring items, the use of these messaging apps helps you have the clarity and productivity desired. You’ll be glad to track progress toward the long-term targets with the use of the tools built into these apps. Check out different apps to find the one that will work best for you.

Meeting Time is Greatly Reduced

Those who have to sit through meetings hate them and those that have to host them hate them just as much. The only people that seem to like meetings are those that don’t get their work done outside of the meetings. You can eliminate a ton of meeting time and allow your team to remain productive with the use of social messaging apps. Simply put your questions or issues in the workgroup and let the chat streamflow.

Protect Your Image and Reputation

As much as we want to please every customer that works with our team, it’s nearly impossible to do this. When a customer has a problem with your product or company, you want to address this problem and help them turn a negative experience into a positive one. What you don’t need is a ton of social media influence. You’ll be glad to have the privacy of a private message and your customer will be pleased to have this direct communication as well.

Integrate Social Messaging Apps with your CRM

Using the right tools, you can integrate the messaging with your CRM and reach segmented parts of your customer base to offer them specials, promotions, and deals that apply to them. This is extremely useful when selling cars and you have rebates on specific models that you know some of your customers are interested in buying.

Convenience Makes a Difference

Most of the messaging apps used are mobile-based and allow you to respond just as quickly and easily as you would with a text message. The expanded capabilities of these apps make them more useful than a text message while being convenient and available at any time. This can be a great way for your company to stay in communication with your customers and help them go from being a lead to a sale.

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