Organize Data and Information with Twitter Lists

Organize Data and Information with Twitter Lists

Have you ever heard of Twitter Lists? They have been around since 2009 but it’s one of the most overlooked marketing tools in social media.

If you use these lists effectively, you can find, monitor, and interact with the people and companies you desire with different Twitter conversations. The practicality and usefulness make a huge difference for you and can efficiently bring your message to the right audience.

How Can You Create Your Lists?

It’s easy to create the lists you want to use directly on Twitter. Your lists can either be public or private and they will give you an easier way to organize your conversations. All you need to do is go to your Twitter profile page, click on Lists, and find the Create New List button.  After you’ve created a new list, Twitter will prompt you to search for users or visit a page with accounts that you’re following. Select the right option and organize the accounts you follow into the right list to be easy for you to see and engage with later.

How Can Twitter Lists Benefit Your Company?

Followers are Segmented

Often, it’s much easier to take information in smaller units and enjoy engaging with your clients and customers when they are in groups based on some form of commonality. This is the same for social media as it is for your other marketing efforts. Just because you’re looking at the Twitter audience you have, doesn’t mean the conversation you create is meant for every account that follows you or that you follow.

Build Your Relationships

Twitter is interesting and one of the places many people go to connect and receive quick snippets of information. Inform your target audience about your brand, add resources to specific lists, and build your relationships. If you add a user to one of your lists, they receive a notification that tells them the list name and that they have been added. Just imagine how your followers feel when you add them to lists with complimentary names.

Similarity Helps Build a Larger Audience

When you create Twitter Lists on your account, Twitter will help you connect with more people that have qualities in common with the list you’ve created. For instance, if you create a list titled “Travel Influencers” you’ll find several suggestions of users that have travel blogs, post travel posts, and have been identified as influencers in that area of marketing. This can help you find more connections with people that will be glad to connect with you.

Group Followers for Future Strategies

You’re likely connected on Twitter with others in your industry. Shared strategies, information, and challenges can make for excellent partnerships, especially if you’re not directly competing with other companies for customers. Put other professionals in your industry into one list and reach out to this list when you post something new or you want another perspective on issues you might be facing.

Tailor Your Ads to your Twitter Lists

Not every online ad should be focused on every user. This would take us back to a time of traditional advertising, that you still see at times on television. Using Twitter Lists can help you tailor your message to the right group and build trust with that audience. Segment your followers into these groups to make it easier to reach the customers interested in specific items or services that you offer and create messages for each group.

Offer an Organized Message

You can offer great advertising messages that appeal to segmented groups on Twitter, but you can also create conversations and messages that appeal to different audiences as well. You likely have a following made of several groups of people. While some messages are great for the entire Twitterverse, some are not. Being organized and putting your followers into these groups will make it much easier for you to connect and reach these groups in ways that will resonate with them.

Give it a Try, its Easy

Creating Twitter Lists is extremely easy, managing them takes time and organization, the results are more than worth the effort. With your followers, resources, influencers, potential customers, and team grouped into different lists, you can build relationships with each group and offer messages that make sense for these lists. It might take some time for you to perfect your lists and segment your Twitter audience the way that works best for your company, but once you do, the benefits are endless.

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