Ten Reasons You Need a Digital Strategy

Ten Reasons You Need a Digital Strategy

You need to focus your efforts on a digital strategy that hones in and uses the aspects of each tool and channel you use.

If you try to reach everyone online everywhere, you’re going to fail.  You can’t just create generic content and expect it to resonate with the online community you’re trying to reach, even if your message is as simple as “buy this car today.”

1. You’re Directionless

Build a digital strategy that has clear strategic goals that you can achieve. Companies without this often try to do too much and don’t seem to ever have the direction needed. Use the SMART system to create the goals that will be attainable and measurable so that you can see the benefits of your progress and have the direction you need. Creating a specific direction will make a huge difference in your digital performance.

2. You Don’t Know Your Online Audience or Market Share

How much of the market can you capture for your business? Do you know the audience you could have online? If your approach to the digital world is one that makes it seem like a necessary obstacle, you won’t maximize the benefits. Your digital strategy should include specific ways to engage the audience that’s present and waiting for you online.

3. Existing and Start-Up Competitors Will Gain Market Share

If you don’t devote enough time and resources to your digital strategy, you’re going to lose. Companies that have committed to their digital process and have a specific direction are going to pass you by and grab part of the market that could easily be yours. With no clearly defined strategies, these other companies will eat you for lunch and spit you out in the digital world where you’re not spending enough time and energy.

4. You Don’t Have a Powerful Online Value Proposition

Tailor your message to your audience and let them engage fully with you. The more effort and value you offer your potential customers the more likely you are to capture and keep their attention. Engage your audience through different channels including search, social, email marketing, and blogging. These are just the beginning but can get you started to where you want to go in the digital world.

5. You Don’t Know Your Online Customers Well Enough

Start with Google Analytics and understand the volumes of visitors to your website. After this, you need to make use of other user feedback tools to identify the weak points of your digital strategy and figure out how you can improve your process, and let your visitors see what they want to when they arrive on your site for a tour.

6. You’re Not Integrated with Your Digital Strategy

Rather than separate all aspects of your digital marketing into specified areas, figure out how they work together for a smooth and seamless transition for your customers. Employ practices that work to move a user from a blog post to your products to a sale. This is the ultimate goal, but you have to provide a guided tour the users can find and understand.

7. Your Digital Strategy Doesn’t Have Enough People/Budget Considering its Importance

You cannot deny the impact of online marketing on the profitability of your company. You need to make your digital process a priority. Now, more than ever before, your customers are going to find more of what they want from you online and make their decisions based on this information. Commit the time, money, and energy to make your digital presence one that will connect with your customers.

8. You’re Wasting Money and Time Through Duplication

Even if you have the resources necessary to offer the most impactful digital strategy, you may be duplicating many of the processes and wasting some of your efforts. This can be especially true in large companies. When different parts of the marketing are separated it’s easy to duplicate various activities. Make sure your team is capable of communication that will avoid doing the same thing over and over again.

9. You’re Not Agile Enough to Catch Up or Stay Ahead

Staying ahead of the curve or at least with it can be difficult, especially in an industry such as car sales where several of the old practices still remain. You need to be ready to embrace changes, understand their purpose, and employ them as needed. You also need to be aware of some changes that might not aid in your success.

10. You’re Not Optimizing

One of the biggest challenges and greatest mistakes that you can make in your digital strategy is to avoid optimization. Too many online searches are performed via mobile devices to avoid being optimized. Not only does your site need to be dynamic enough to be seen correctly on all devices, but you also need to ensure the pages load quickly and easily for your user. Optimize your digital content and see immediate improvements.

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