Social Media: If You Can Only Use One to Sell Cars, Use This One

Social Media: If You Can Only Use One to Sell Cars, Use This One

Not all social media platforms are created equal and one certainly stands above the rest when it comes to business advertising.

If you’re looking for the right platform to use to sell cars and you know you’re only going to use one, the right choice is Facebook. You want to use this platform in many different ways to give you the leads and benefits that will help bring more car shoppers to your dealership.

The Numbers Tell the Story

Currently, more than six million companies are using Facebook to promote their business. More than 67 percent of marketers have tagged Facebook as the most important social medial platform. In the United States, more than 75percent of adults spend at least 50 minutes every day on Facebook. With the tools offered and the visibility you’re looking for, it’s more important than ever that you ensure you are completely visible on this platform.

Advertising Done Right on Facebook

You want your ads to show up in front of users in your local area. As a car dealer, you have a limited reach, but that reach can bring you many leads. Using Facebook Advertising is the right way to bring brand awareness, connectivity, and qualified leads to your dealership website. When you have a limited budget, this is the best place to spend your money.

Your Advertising Dollars Never Go to Waste

You’ve only got so much money you can spend on your social media advertising. With Facebook advertising, you’ll enjoy the benefits of trackable metrics and tools for a small price per click. When users click on your ads you know that you’re getting a lead from a person that is truly interested in what you have to offer.

Improve Your Brand Awareness on Social Media

Facebook brings you some amazing ways to increase awareness of your brand and its story to your local users. This recognition is extremely important to your business. Use the advanced targeting capabilities of Facebook and know that you can reach customers in a way that allows them to see your brand. This social platform has its own section just for automotive marketing to help you bring your dealership to the forefront.

Reach the Right Customers, New, Repeat, Age Groups, Genders, etc.

You want to reach the entire audience of your area but you also want to target specific subsets of his audience to bring ads that will help them relate to your vehicles with ease. The DMS tools of Facebook Marketplace help you reachcustomers more consistently and through the advertising that is made for various groups of your local population.

Generate Qualified Leads Through Social Media

The most important aspect of using Facebook advertising is to bring qualified leads toyour dealership team. You won’t have to use cold calling or other failed strategies and will benefit from the reach of Facebook advertising. When customers see your ads and take action based on what they see, you know you’re receiving a lead from a person who is looking for more information regarding your dealership and the vehicles you sell.

Facebook Marketplace is the Right Place for Your Inventory

More people than ever before are turning to Facebook Marketplace every day. Similar to when youhead to a store, most people aren’t looking at this area of Facebook unless they are ready to buy something new. This includes a vehicle. Many shoppers have stated they begin their car search on social media and work their way to the dealership from there.

Marketing Strategies Are Offered

Facebook offers a few different marketing strategies that could easily help you when you’re trying to attract more customers to your business. You can use these ideas and tweak them to fit your dealership which will help you reach the desired viewers. Let these marketing strategies work for you and help you grow your business through social media. With Facebook, you can easily be in front of more customers than ever before.

The Best Social Media Platform for Car Dealers

Hands down, Facebook offers the most complete package of tools to give you the advertising program and platform you want to enjoy. This social medial platform also offers you the capability to showcase posts with links and information the way you want. Put the tools, guidance, and reach to work for your dealership and you’ll enjoy using Facebook to support your dealership with excellent online advertising.

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