Is Snapchat a Good Fit for Car Dealers

Is Snapchat a Good Fit for Car Dealers

Should you use Snapchat as part of your social media strategy? Is it a good fit for your car dealership and your marketing team?

These questions are important to answer before you spend money on another social media platform that will require your team to understand its dynamics and create plans to make it successful. Thankfully, the first question is pretty easy to answer. Yes, you should be using Snapchat.

Why Should You Use this Platform?

Since 2014, Snapchat is the fastest growing social media network. It has become more popular than Twitter and it attracts more than 10 billion video views per day, and that was in 2016. Today, this platform is used even more widely and can be a great tool for your car dealership to engage with more of the customers in your local area.

Finding the Fit

To understand if this social platform is a good fit for your dealership, you need to know how to use it and what the various dynamics you need to understand. Thankfully, there are many great ways for you to get engaged and make use of this platform that will give you the results you desire. Put your social media to work and include Snapchat in the ways that you engage with the customers in your town.

Attract New Business with the Discover Section

The Discover section offers more than one million short video ads that are part of the mix every day. This can be a fantastic advertising feature that will offer your brand to your customers. Keep in mind, most of the users on this platform are 34 years or younger, which means many of them are starting families, looking for great deals, and trying to find ways to save money.

Create a Coupon Snap

Offer a coupon to your audience on this platform and make it exclusive to them. If you have a service center at your car dealership, this is a great way to offer savings on the regular service needs that your customers face. Give them discounts on oil changes, tire rotations, or air conditioning services and you will see that more of your local community will engage with you on Snapchat.

Offer On-Demand Geofilters to Help Your Promotions

You’ve probably seen your friends or family members use filters when a new movie or product arrives to the masses, but these filters can be used for your geographic location as well. Offer this filter to your customers when they buy a vehicle and ask them to share it with their followers. This won’t directly show up on your account, but the use of the filter will and it could attract more customers.

Showcase the Latest Models through a Snapchat Story

Ask your team to take photos and videos of new inventory as it comes off the delivery trucks or when they take them out for a test drive. These items can help you build your Story and share it with all of the followers you have on this platform. Put some music, personality, and entertainment behind the post and let your audience see something more than just the car.

Engage and Educate

Use Snapchat to engage with your local community and potential customers. You can do this by offering helpful tips for the season, things to look out for, and promote classes that can be held at your dealership. Some people don’t know how to make their cars last longer and your team can help them. They will benefit from the information you give them and come to you when they want to buy their next vehicle.

Create a Bridge with Other Social Platforms

You’re already on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and you should let followers on these platforms know that you’re on Snapchat as well. You can do this by sharing your handle and inviting them to take advantage of some of the exclusive deals and content that you’re offering. This is a great way to engage your audience and bring them across various platforms.

Create Flash Sales Through Snapchat

Because content is not saved for long on this platform, it is the perfect place to create flash sales. You can run a promotion and share the information on your Snapchat Story or by sending a message out to all of your followers. The sale can last 24-48 hours and you can continually update the story with happy customers who have come in to take advantage of the savings you offer at your dealership.

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