New Model Inventory Woes? Bolster Your Used Sales!

Used Car Sales

Supply chain problems left no auto dealership untouched. If you’re staring at a sparse showroom, it’s time to beef up your used car sales with more inventory. Here’s how to build an effective “We Buy Cars” campaign.

You Need Cars NOW

We’ve heard it from every corner of the country. Car dealerships have been desperate for inventory. Because you can’t sell air…okay, technically, you can sell air, but that’s not why you’re in business.

You’ve most likely been tapping the wholesale and auction market aid in used car sales, but so has every other dealer and car rental company in the country. So, how do you get wheels rolling ONTO your lot?

Get the coffee orders from your marketing and social media teams. Here are 4 ways your dealership can use digital marketing to boost your inventory.

1. Leverage Your Social Media Channels

You’re used to using your social media channels to sell vehicles. Now you get to flip the script and invite existing and potential customers to sell you their cars.

Use YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels to show people how easy it is to sell their car. A “101” type video can let potential sellers know what your appraiser looks for so they can get the most money for their car.

A “We Buy Cars” campaign using paid and organic Facebook and Instagram posts is another cost-effective way to bring in some fresh inventory. Low on new inventory for trade-ins? Incentivize would-be sellers with special offers on pre-orders for new or updated models.

2. Get the Whole Team Involved

Chances are, your sales team members have their own business-related social media accounts. Make sure they’re involved in your campaigns, too. Share posts between accounts to spread the word and drive more sellers to your dealership.

3. Don’t Forget Organic and Paid Search

Get your top-notch copywriting team together to craft some landing pages that use long-tail keywords such as:

  • We Buy Cars
  • Sell Your Car
  • We’ll Buy Your Car
  • Sell Us Your Car

And, of course, your landing pages should also feature your dealership’s geographic location (including surrounding cities and towns).

Once you’ve got a set of pages ready to go, it’s time to set up your paid search campaigns on search sites like Google and Bing. Take advantage of A/B testing to find out which keywords generate traffic to your site (and your dealership) and kill underperforming ads.

4. Dust Off That E-Mail List

One of your best marketing tools is your email list. If you’re trying to add to your used vehicle inventory, it’s time to check in with them to see if they’re ready to trade in or sell their old car. If your new car inventory is sparse, encourage customers with incentives toward pre-orders.

Drive Up Your Used Car Inventory

Even though automobile manufacturers are rolling cars through assembly lines again, we’re still a long way from having the inventory numbers we’re used to. If you’re not getting the results you need with auctions, digital marketing—especially social media—is a cost-efficient way to bolster your used car inventory and get more used car sales.

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