How to Optimize Your Notifications

How to Optimize Your Notifications

Ping, ping, ping. It’s the notifications on your apps telling you that someone you’re connected to has something to tell you.

Wouldn’t this be a great way for a business to connect with you and send you information in real-time? Of course it is, and many businesses do optimize notifications to inform loyal customers and people who remain connected to their apps and websites.

Use Push Notifications in Your Marketing Strategy

These messages that can come through your app or website with updates for your audience are highly beneficial to you. They cannot be overlooked in the inbox and aren’t able to be caught in spam filters. This means the person on the other end has to take some form of action with them.

Notifications can accomplish action and make your audience think about you and what you offer including:

•Providing information to customers to improve the customer experience

•Promote offers or products

•Convert casual visitors into app users

•Drive customers to other marketing channels including social media

•Send transaction receipts quickly and easily

Let’s look at some ways to improve your notification marketing:

Segmented and Personalized Notifications

Your notifications should be sent to users that select to have them, which might mean some users only want specific information and not all that you offer. This can be done with a selection of options that users can check when they sign up for your website or app. This is a great way to allow the user to feel they have some control over the information you send them.

Utilize a Multi-Channel Strategy

Engage users and invite them to your app through various channels including your online store, website, and social media accounts. Offer the data needed to allow your users to connect and engage with your company in these different ways and you’re going to see that you have a much larger audience than you might have previously expected.

One note on this strategy; avoid excessive repetitive promotions across all channels. This could lead to a much higher opt-out rate than you desire.

Make Opt-in and Opt-Out Options Simple

Using push notifications to engage customers is only done with their permission at the opt-in stage. One way to ensure customers feel comfortable with your company is to make it easy to opt-out whenever they desire. This gives your users the empowerment they desire over the information coming to them through your website and app.

Timing Can be Everything

Studies show us the times of the day when more people are online and using their social media accounts. The time when activity is greatest is the time when you should be sending your information to your audience. You need to be aware of the time zone where your audience is located and understand how often you’re sending out information. This is a delicate part of your strategy.

Track the Right Information

Just like everything else that we see online, you can track your notifications and understand which ones are bringing leads to your business and which are not producing any value at all for your company. Analyze the metrics and try to build on what’s worked well for you so that you can continue to grow and develop your strategy.

Ensure Your Objective is Clear

Why are you working to send notifications to your audience? Do you want to let them know about an upcoming promotion, are you trying to build greater engagement levels? Are you attempting to build a larger audience? The bottom line is that you’re working to bring more business to your company through the information you share, but you want to have a clearly communicated objective.

Send the Right Type of Notifications

From simple reminders to informative articles, you can send a variety of information to your audience but is it the right information at the right time. You may want to try A/B testing for your information to see which types of notifications are the ones that engage your users more than others.

Offer Compelling Messages

The messages you send are your way of communicating with the users you have on your list. These are people that are not experts in your industry and will want to be given information quickly, in an entertaining manner, and with language that flows smoothly. Tell your audience how your information will benefit them and use effective call-to-action messages to invite your audience to take advantage of what you have to offer.

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