Break The Stigma of Car Dealers with Social Media

Break The Stigma of Car Dealers with Social Media

The negative stigma surrounding car dealers has to do with the dealer holding all the cards during the sales process.

When younger generations listen to their parents and grandparents discuss the preparation and mindset they needed to buy a car, we can already see how many dealers have come a long way. Unfortunately, there are still some negative expectations and customers with their guards up during the process. This s what we need to dispel with social media.

Let’s Get Rid of Bad Sales Processes with Social Media

Faking the Environment

Sometimes car dealers will move vehicles around on the lot to create the impression of a busy day when really there isn’t much going on. Instead of this, spend that time ensuring the dealership is clean, presentable, and the sales team is ready to help. Show off your current customers on social posts and tell how they use their vehicles. A day with some downtime is also a good day to update the website.

Hidden Costs in the Fine Print

This old trick is a serious stigma of car dealers and one you want to avoid. Ensure you have transparent pricing for your customers to enjoy and know what they are paying in full. Your social posts can highlight your best offers and reiterate the fact that you don’t have any hidden fees that would surprise and irritate a customer.

Pricing that Teases You but Isn’t Real

Have you ever had a salesperson offer excuses for why the price online is much lower than the price at the dealership? That makes you feel that you’re being had and is another of the negative aspects of car dealers that you want gone. Make sure your online prices match what customers will find when they arrive at your dealership and be transparent in this process.

Dealer Add-Ons that Customers Have to Pay for

When new vehicles arrive, many dealers will add items to them that might not benefit every customer. VIN-etching comes to mind as an unnecessary item on this list. Get rid of this negative stigma for car dealers by using social media to show that you have dealer options available, but customers will have to request them.

Information Monopoly

One of the oldest and best-known negative aspects of buying a car was feeling that that salesperson had all the information. This puts a customer at a feeling of disadvantage, which isn’t a good feeling at all. Instead of this, be transparent by actively disclosing the pros and cons of the vehicles on your lot. You can link social media posts to articles that have both positive and negative listings for models you’re offering.

High-Pressures Sales

Whether it’s the process of wearing you down or being extremely pushy when it comes to a specific vehicle, “the hard sell” which is also known as high-pressure sales is a negative stigma of car dealers. This can be avoided with online conversations through social media and the sales team answering questions when asked without going too far. Don’t redirect the conversation, but offer an open door feeling for additional questions.

The Phantom Car That’s Not for Sale

Typically considered a “bait and switch” sales process, this is a technique of offering a crazy deal on a car that isn’t even on the lot. When a customer arrives, they are informed that the model is sold out. This is simply downright dishonest. The best way to avoid being accused of this is to ensure your vehicle inventory is always current and you list prices and deals thatyou can honor on your social media.

Offers That are Too Good to Be True

There are times when car dealers will make a low-ball offer and tell a customer that’s going to think about things to compare that price. The negative stigma comes in when the customer returns to find the deal has changed dramatically in the favor of the dealership. Make sure your team is selling on value and understands the importance of gaining trust with customers whether in person or online.

Vague Testimonials

If you’ve heard terms that make a vehicle sound like “the perfect match for your family” or that it’s “filled with amazing features” you want to dig deeper and find out what that means. As a car dealer, you want to avoid the stigma of being this vague by describing the actual features. A good way to showcase features is to use social media and let your customers see the vehicle in action.

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