Boost Your Business with Truck Accessories

Even when inventory is low, dealerships still have plenty to offer. In fact, pickup trucks and off-road SUVs are seeing a surge in customization requests. These high-demand upgrades turn a regular vehicle into something extraordinary. SCA performance Chevy trucks for sale, for example, are one of the most searched terms in the area of customization on the web.

If your dealership is looking for a way to bring in fresh customers while getting to have some fun work, it’s time to market and sell upgrades and custom packages from SCA.


What is SCA

SCA is the special vehicle manufacturing arm of General Motors. They build customization kids and accessories that turn regular trucks into world-class rigs. Drivers who go with SCA can skip the work of trying to build their own models.

When you want to upgrade and personalize a truck, you have to deal with the time involved with finding the right parts and equipment, not to mention the work involved in installing those parts. That means the truck is out of commission while upgrades are being made. On top of that, these upgrades are not serviceable at the dealership and can void the vehicle’s warranty.

When a truck is upgraded through SCA, modifications are made before the vehicle appears on the lot. Upgrades are completed by professionals, come with a warranty, and are eligible for nationwide service.


Perks of SCA Upgrades

SCA offers complete packages for every kind of driver. For example, anyone looking for SCA performance Chevy trucks for sale has probably run across the new Black Widow available for the Silverado 1500 and 2500HD. This complete package adds things like an off-road suspension, Fox shocks, 35-inch AT K02 all-terrain tires, 20-inch black-painted wheels, a black window grille, hood vents, and premium stylizing inside and out.

SCA performance Chevy trucks for sale can also be customized with some other amazing options:

  • Six-inch suspension lift system
  • Red brake caliper covers
  • Fender flares
  • Performance exhaust
  • Projector lights
  • High-clearance front bumper
  • Power running boards
  • Custom leather interior
  • Engine performance packages
  • And more

Get The Word Out

There has never been a better time to get the word out about SCA upgrades. This is especially true when many shoppers are pre-ordering and reserving their future trucks. Since they are already waiting for the vehicle to be produced and delivered, it’s the perfect time to add performance-enhancing and stylish upgrades.

Dealerships can focus on the benefits of having these upgrades completed before taking the vehicle home, especially the idea that the truck is still covered under warranty. Of course, current truck and SUV owners may also benefit from seeing what kinds of customizations and upgrades are available on their favorite rides.

Showing off the Black Widow is as easy as sharing social media posts. This truck looks tough enough to practically sell itself; it just needs an audience. This is your time to shine; help your customers see themselves in a uniquely styled automobile, and you’ll dealership will remain busy even during the driest of sales seasons.


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