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PPC is as Easy as Tips 1, 2 and 3

PPC is as Easy as Tips 1, 2 and 3

If you’re confused by the world of PPC, you are certainly not alone. Many people aren’t sure what to do and how PPC works, but it can be easy.

There can be many detailed steps to a successful campaign but there are a few basic knowledge points that can greatly help in not only understanding PPC but also when starting a pay-per-click digital marketing initiative.

But first some background – one of the best parts about PPC is it’s a sure-fire way to increase a business’s visibility on the search engine results page. Running a pay-per-click campaign with a robust strategy will-ultimately send traffic to the intended website with the end goal of turning those visits into leads. Pay per click is an excellent way to not only increase the quantity of traffic coming into a website but also the quality since the business can entice a consumer with specific offerings within the text of a pay-per-click ad. Here are a few PPC 101 tips to keep in your back pocket as you continue to learn about the interesting world of paid digital advertising.

PPC Tip #1

The right keywords are very important when it comes to a successful PPC digital marketing campaign. Keywords need to be chosen carefully and should correspond with the text as well as to the website page that the ad is linking to. For example, if a Betty’s Flower Shop wants to run a successful PPC campaign, they will make a list of all keywords associated with their products and services. When a consumer types in ‘roses for sale’, a Betty’s Flower Shop ad will appear in the results, and when clicked on, it will lead to the page of the website displaying roses.

PPC Tip #2

Bidding is a crucial step in ensuring that keywords are relevant and trigger ads to show up in the allotted area on Google and Bing. In very simple terms, PPC ads are auctioned off to the highest bidder and this bid will also determine if the ad is shown in the #1 spot or in a lower-paid position on the search engine results page. If Betty’s Flower Shop and Carl’s Flower Shop are both located in Austin, TX, and are both running a PPC campaign, then they are essentially each other’s competition. If both businesses are bidding on the keyword ‘roses for sale’ then depending on who bids the highest amount, that flower shop will have the better chance of showing up in search engine’s ad space.

PPC Tip #3

The actual search ads might be the most important part of the entire pay-per-click campaign as they’re what the customer sees after their keyword search. The target audience will then decide if they want to take a chance and click through to learn more about the business and offerings mentioned in the text of the ad. At a quick glance, the Betty’s Flower Shop ad should be exciting enough that the consumer will click through to the website so that they can begin their shopping journey. If the ad for roses mentioned birdseed, this would not be an effective ad. Highlighting a sale on roses or the different types of roses in stock would be a much better way to quickly garner customer curiosity.

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