• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021
How to Optimize Your Social Strategy for YouTube

Your audience would much rather see videos and images over reading text. This makes YouTube an important part of your social strategy.

The challenge for you is how you can optimize your content and your strategy using your YouTube channel as a source of content. Regardless of the new platforms being offered, you’ll want to take advantage of some easy tips to reach your audience.

Build Your YouTube Brand Channel

Your story is important to your growth and the direction you’re taking the company you’ve worked hard to build. It’s important that your YouTube channel share your brand story and bring it to the audience you’re looking for. Make sure you add a brand logo to the channel icon, add a custom banner to the mix, and ensure your social media accounts reflect the look of your brand consistently.

Consistently Create and Add Compelling Videos to Your Channel

Don’t get left behind and lost in the mix. Add videos regularly and make them informative and compelling to bring your audience in. When you’re short on content to add to a video, bring a bit more personality to the mix to show your fun and energetic side. Stay consistent with your videos and your audience will look forward to what you’re going to show them every time they visit your channel.

Leverage YouTube Tools and Features

You’ll find a ton of tools and features on YouTube that can help you create the best content and enhance your social media marketing. Use end screens and cards to bring your calls to action to the front of your viewers. Share your videos across your social platforms and ask your followers to do the same. Video transcripts can be helpful to your viewers looking to better understand your content.

Optimize Your YouTube Video Descriptions and Thumbnails

The description and thumbnails of your videos is a great way to capture your audience with very little information. Make this information compelling and easy for your audience to understand when looking for specific content. These items also help your YouTube SEO to rank better when keywords are used in this part of your videos. Watch how quickly visitors swarm to your videos when you improve this area of your channel.

Stories Are Important to Your Marketing Strategy

YouTube offers a Stories feature which is similar to Instagram and Facebook. Add a short, mobile-only video that will expire after seven days and let your audience see you and your team. This is a great way to showcase new deals, give updated information, and offer the fun and active style your team brings to work every day.

Optimize Video Titles for YouTube Voice Search

More people are using voice commands and voice search options than ever before. This means the titles of your YouTube videos need to be optimized for SEO and this type of search. Ensure the title includes important keywords to make it easy for those looking for what you offer to find your business on YouTube. This small change can have an incredible benefit to your channel.

Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns

There are several social media influencers that many people follow and listen to when they offer advice. You can incorporate these influencers into your marketing campaign for social media and on YouTube. This access to a larger audience and the skills of another creator can bring an audience to your content that you might not have thought of before. Allow an influencer to give you the boost you’re looking for with your video marketing.

Capture Audience Insights

You need to have in-depth knowledge of your audience. It’s important that you attract your target audience the most, without forgetting about the residual and fringe audience members that are out there taking advantage of your content as well. Using a social media intelligence tool to capture vital audience information can help you tailor your YouTube videos and social media content to those that are looking at and taking advantage of what you offer.

Track and Report Your YouTube Channel Performance

YouTube offers several metrics tracking tools for you to use so that you can see how your channel performs and tracks with your audience. These tools can track watch time retention, top videos, video-wise engagement, and much more. You can generate reports to see all of your social media metrics during specific times to make it easier for you to understand how your audience is engaging with your content.

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