Hyundai Announces Montana as New Location of R&D Center, New Horizons Studio

Hyundai New Horizon Studio

The state of Montana is open arms after Hyundai Motor Group announced that it would be building its research and development center, New Horizons Studio (NHS), in Bozeman on the campus of Montana State University. The $20 million projects is set to bring over 50 jobs to the area, focus on innovation, and help transform the future of Hyundai’s vehicle lineup.

What Will the New Horizons Studio Focus On?

From the makers’ innovative Hyundai Kona SUV to its concept car, Elevate, Hyundai is all about pushing the boundaries of vehicle development. That’s what the car maker’s research and development project NHS is all about.

 The development of Hyundai’s New Horizon Studio was first announced in late 2020. The project was introduced as a way to pursue the car maker’s vision of assembling a team of experts that would develop an innovative lineup of new vehicles, Ultimate Mobility Vehicles UMVs.

 This unique research and development group is composed of some of Silicon Valley’s most innovative leaders. Under the direction of Hyundai’s vision for UMVs, these leaders aim to research, prototype, and develop this new class of vehicles. The brand’s concept vehicle, the Hyundai Elevate is one such example of what the brand seeks to move towards.

Horizon Studio

Ultimate Mobility Vehicles

Unlike the vehicles on today’s roadways, UMVs aim to give drivers the freedom of ultimate Mobility. This means the ability to perform in even the most unconventional terrains and areas vehicles have yet to travel on. Check out Hyundai Kona.

 These UMVs will be aimed at drivers who have a need for unrestricted mobility. This could be applicable to government agencies like law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and even individuals who want to go out on their own adventures unrestricted. In addition to being able to explore and traverse any terrain, UMVs have the ambitious goal of being able to adapt to a range of environments, no matter how demanding or different they may be from one another.

So what can the public expect the New Horizons studio in Bozeman to offer? The company shares that it plans to focus on prototyping, innovation, testing, and developing new and innovative vehicles.

In addition to reimagining what Hyundai can offer to the world, NHS plans to work alongside undergraduate and graduate students at MSU. What’s expected to be a close collaboration will help fuel the brand’s desire for innovation through the help of tech-savvy and eager minds.

Community Response to Hyundai’s New Horizons Studio

It’s not just the university that’s welcoming the new center with open arms either. Both the city and the state are excited about the undeniable growth opportunity the car manufacturer’s decision will bring.

The state’s Governor, Greg Gianforte praised the move as a testament to the undeniable growth of the city’s tech sector and business-friendly environment. In a press release, Governor Gianforte shared, “Montana is open for business to the world, and we’re thrilled by the good-paying jobs and opportunities Hyundai’s investment will bring to our state.”

The facility is expected to be 12000 to 15000 sq ft and Hyundai plans to break ground in June 2022.



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