Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Car Sales

Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Car Sales

Not only should you know which social media platforms are best to increase your car sales, but you also need to pay attention to the trends.

Posting on various platforms comes with a variety of changes and trends that you’ll want to employ in your business to ensure you can improve your bottom line with leads and engagement through your various accounts. Here are the top platforms you should use for your dealership.

Facebook –Still The Most Popular

Although many younger customers are spending more time on other platforms, Facebook is still extremely popular, and it has the most tools for you to engage your audience and track the progress of your advertising. The cost might be higher than other platforms, but you can include your entire inventory and show your audience what you have to offer. Make sure you’re at least using Facebook, even if it’s not where you spend most of your time.

Instagram –Images Tell the Story

You’ve got cars to sell, and a social media platform that focuses on images and videos can be perfect for you to offer your audience an easy way to see your products and engage with your dealership. Instagram is related to Facebook, which allows you to work well with both of these platforms where customers are spending most of their time right now.

LinkedIn –Reach Busy Professionals Easily

When you’re not trying to reach teenagers, and you want to be the first in your area to reach your local audience on a social platform, LinkedIn could be the right place for your inventory. Link your blog posts to this platform, showcase high-end products, and offer valuable services that save your customers time and money. This platform is made for busy professionals, and you can easily reach them where they spend their time.

Twitter –A Proven Champion in the Social Media World

While other social platforms have grown in popularity, even in the automotive industry, Twitter still has the tools, features, and format that makes it a great place for you to build an audience and show your cars. If you’re looking for one of the most successful ways to increase car sales, a Twitter profile will go a long way for your dealership.

YouTube –Videos Are More Important Than Ever

YouTube has grown from simply a place where you look at videos to a full-fledged social platform with engagement tools. You can build a following on YouTube and turn this platform into a place where more of your customers engage with your dealership before coming in and purchasing a car from you. This is a platform that has everything you need to increase your car sales.

Pay Attention to The Trends

As a bonus, we’ll talk about some of the trends in the automotive market. These trends might work well for you, or they could be ideas that you don’t consider important at all. Either way, knowing the social media trends in the industry can help your dealership.

Brands Are Less Active

Many automotive brands are producing less content on Facebook and Twitter. This could be an important factor with some of the other social media platforms that have grown in popularity, or it could be a blip on the radar with more activity on these platforms in the future.

More Videos are Being Published

The movement toward viewing videos on YouTube is significant, and it follows along with the fact that more videos are being published by automakers than ever before. This could be an opportunity for you to link to those videos and use them in your posts.

Engagement Levels are Increasing

Two of the platforms are being used more than any other. Engagement levels have increased dramatically in the past five years on both Twitter and Instagram. This means more of your customers are present on these social media platforms to give you the customer base you’re looking for. You’ve got a ready audience just waiting for your content; connecting with them will increase your car sales.

Where Can You Make Improvements?

Are you using all five of the social platforms mentioned, or have you left one or more out of the mix? Did you know about the trends mentioned, or is this new information? What changes can you make today to improve your connection with customers where they spend their time? Make sure your social team is ready to build a relationship with your customers to help you increase car sales and improve your bottom line.

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