Video Marketing Can Help Your Dealership Convert Leads Into Sales

Video Marketing Can Help Your Dealership Convert Leads Into Sales

Sometimes the best way to reach a customer is to show them what you have for sale. This is where video marketing strategies come in for your dealership.

The goal of every company is to make as much money as possible. Car dealerships do this by converting leads into sales. Video marketing is a great way to make this happen. The reach and impact of videos is much greater than words alone. Let’s take a look at some great ways your team can us videos to bring turn leads into sales.

Add Videos to your Emails

The days of snail mail are gone and you can easily reach hundreds of customers every day via email. It might seem a little old school in the modern technological age but putting videos in your emails can be an effective way to reach customers. Simply by adding the word ‘video’ in your subject line can increase the open rate of your emails by 6%. If you don’t want your emails falling into the spam folder, do more than tell your customers what you’ve got, show them through videos.

Be Real in Your Social Media Videos

The latest social craze is TikTok, but other platforms offer plenty of juice to bring shoppers to your door. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on the advertising and marketing side of social media to reach your customers. Use real, authentic customers, your team, and an account that’s easy to find. If you find more leads are coming from one social platform than another, it might be time to increase the video marketing and advertising budget for that platform.

Don’t Edit Everything Out

One way to show authenticity in your dealership video marketing campaign is to keep some of the mistakes in the video. We’re all human and the more you allow the human side of your business to come through, the more your customers will trust your company and want to buy a car from you. One of the best ways to turn leads is to conversions is through transparency and honesty in everything you send to your customer base. Whether you place your videos in your blog, on your social media sites, or send them through email, make sure they show a human side to your company.

Customer Testimonials Are Always a Hit

If you’ve got a few customers that don’t mind sharing their car shopping experience through videos, help them do it. You can put several testimonials together in one video and offer it on YouTube or Facebook where many of your shoppers might spend some time. Those customers are often the friends and neighbors of your next round of shoppers.

Share Some Interesting Fact in Videos

As a car dealership, your company knows more about cars than the average person. There could be some cool fact you can put into your video marketing strategy to share with the rest of the world. The way you share it and what you’ve got to say might give you the reach you’re looking for when you share your videos. You can make these videos into a series and show some of the expertise your team has in the automotive world through these impressive videos that you send out.

Its Time for the “How to” Series

Not every how to needs to be about car maintenance, but a few of them can be. Your dealership video marketing strategy could benefit when your team demonstrates how to use specific car features found in many of the latest model vehicles. This could be as simple as how to use the infotainment system or what the safety systems are trying to tell you when they make a sound. Some of these modern features are still gibberish to some customers and these videos could help them and put your name in the front of their minds.

What Makes Each Car Unique?

Rather than simply going over the basic features of a car, talks about what makes it special. Does this SUV have more cargo room than several others? Can you get up to speed faster in this sports car? Does this hybrid offer the best fuel mileage? These unique aspects of various models help your customers make buying decisions and brings out the authority you have in this space.

Do You Have an Introduction Video?

A YouTube channel is easy to own and manage. The first video on that channel should be an introductory video that talks about your dealership and sales team. Before you get into any of the other videos, this will be the one that allows visitors to your channel to get to know you and your team before they search for the desired information. Keep your introduction short and informative with an open and upbeat feeling. When you do this, you’ll have more viewers that stay on the channel and eventually become customers.

Make Promotional Videos for Your Sales Events

Even though these videos will have a short lifespan, if you can capture the excrement and tell your shoppers about the deals offered during a sales event, that video can be the perfect accompaniment to all of your promotional material surrounding the sale. Sometimes repetition is key to bringing shoppers to your doorstep. The more they see your promotional video the better chance you have of turning their viewership into a lead and then into a sale at your car dealership.

Get Out and Get Local

Everything doesn’t have to be about your dealership, but it can come back to you dealership page. This means you should get out into your local community and show how your team enjoys visiting various places. Whether you show a team lunch at a restaurant, a bowling night, or an art class, you can give your team a bit more personality while also showcasing your local area with some of these amazing videos. This is a win for both your car dealership and the businesses you visit.

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