Use Moz to Digital Market Like a Pro

Use Moz to Digital Market Like a Pro

Digital marketing can be challenging to understand for beginners, but Moz is here to help you successfully market your products and services.

When you’re operating a small business and don’t have the budget to hire a marketing company to handle the job, you’ll be glad to have a tool that can help you rank on websites where you want and focus on bringing your website to viewers.

The focus of this marketing tool is to help your company compete and thrive in a digital world.

The Start of an SE Company

The beginning of Moz took place in 2004 with founders Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig offering a company that was solely focused on SEO. The goal was to assist businesses to integrate SEO strategies into their digital marketing to allow them to know what activities they needed to focus on while advertising.

The beginning of this company was nothing more than a blog called SEOmoz, which was a place for SEO experts to share their ideas and results of research. As this blog gained popularity, the team turned it into a consulting firm and eventually rebranded it as Moz in 2013. The new focus was to provide SEU services and tools to help businesses grow and succeed in a growing, dynamic digital world.

How Can Moz Help Your Company?

Many have used the products and succeeded in the SEO world. Digital marketing can be a challenge for most businesses, but with the use of the tools offered, you can:

• Find relevant keywords and understand the chance of ranking with them
• Find content that needs to rank better
• Improve any technical issues with your web pages
• Audit your site for technical issues
• Keep track of your most important keywords
• Improve SEO rankings
• Understand site visitor behaviors
• Build better links between pages
• Improve backlink research
• Review competitors top keywords
• Gain domain authority
• Receive Excellent reporting
• Enjoy an Easy-to-Use dashboard
• Use amazing SERP features
• Utilize the search volume metrics

As you can see, Moz brings you the features you need to bring your content to the top of search engines and continually improve your SEO results.

What Does Moz Pro have to Offer

There are two tools that are offered by this company, Moz Pro being one of them. This is an all-in-one tool that aids you in managing several SEO campaigns at one time. This is a fantastic tool to use in conjunction with Google Analytics.

Some of the benefits are:

Audience Analytics

How did a visitor to your site arrive at the page they are on? What are they searching for on your site? Where will they land, and which page will be the one they exit from? This tool gives you the capability needed to better understand your audience and learn more about how they find your site.

Site Rankings

When you search for an item, service, or tool online, how far down the list are you going to search? Studies show that most people will not leave the first page of their search results, choosing to refine their search rather than go to page two or three. This means you need to be on the first page, and this tool can help you be there.

You’ll be able to track how your site ranks for specific keywords and pair those results down to a local and national level to give you the understanding needed. You’ll also see a comparison to your competition with tips and hints to upgrade your content and bring your campaign to the first page.

Auditing/Crawling of Your Website

Do you know whether or not your website has issues that need to be fixed? When a user experience is interrupted by technical difficulties, they are less likely to continue to work with your site than to move on to one of your competitors. Using the tools offered in the Moz Pro package, you’ll have the site crawling/auditing feature you need.
The crawler can comb through your website and find issues that can be fixed. This will help you fix issues quickly and efficiently, making it much easier for you to offer a smooth experience to visitors that show up on your website.

Should You Use Moz Local?

The second package of tools offered by this company is Moz Local. Your local businesses rank differently in SERPs than other businesses. If you need to compete on a local level, this is a tool you should have. There are two package options with the local version of this toolkit; you can have a package for a small business or use the package for an enterprise or large business. These tools will aid you in competing with your local competition to be the right choice in your marketplace.

Small Local Business Option

When you have fewer than 100 locations, this is the version of Moz Local you want to employ for your business. You only have to fill out the data for each of your locations one time, with the rest of the information being automated for you. The information is sent to search engine directories to help your business be found easily. When the crawler is working, it audits all of your pages and sites from each location to make easy changes and help you more efficiently improve your website for your users.

Enterprise Local Business Option

If your company has more than 100 locations, this is the program for you to have the tools you need to handle your SEO needs. This program is tailored to offer more automated solutions to ensure you don’t need to repeat tasks for each site. With the number of business locations included in this package, it’s crucial for you to have as much automation as possible. You can identify underperforming locations and understand which improvements need to be made to assist those locations in ranking higher on SERPs to keep your company visible to your users.

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