• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021
Stay Up-To-Date with Digital Marketing News Sources

You want to make sure your business is taking advantage of the latest digital marketing trends; these news sources can be important.

The right news source can give you the information you need and even provide a great way to employ new strategies that will positively impact your online presence in the upcoming months. Let’s take a look at some of the leading sources for digital news.

You Must Read the Inside Google Ads Blog

Stay on top of the PPC world with this blog that is officially sanctioned with the most relevant news regarding new Google Ads features. This is the place to go to ensure you’re well-informed and know what’s going on and what to expect with your Google Ads account. This is an amazing information source and one that should be used regularly.

Your Search Is Over, Check Out Search Engine Land

When you need to know the latest strategies and processes to ensure your pages land at the top of search engines, this is the place to go. You’ll love the way this publication is presented and can enjoy the news that comes out of the annual Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conference. This is the source for the news and analysis you need related to the digital marketing strategy you’re using.

Search Engine Watch is Breaking and Developing

Some stories hit hard and fast while others take time to develop before coming to a climax. Search Engine Watch offers you a bit of both. You can also find how-to articles that will give you the actionable items you need to become better at marketing on search engines. This is a must-read publication for you and your entire digital marketing team.

Get More in One Place with Distilled

One of the most impressive sources of information in the digital sphere is Distilled. If you’re focused on PPC, SEO, or your digital strategy, you’ll find insights and topics that are relevant to you with this online publication. Check out the various blogs and topics covered and learn more about your industry when you spend a few minutes to sit down and enjoy what Distilled has to offer.

Various News Offerings on Search Engine Roundtable

Do you like to engage in a chat forum? Are you interested in video content regarding your digital marketing strategy? Are you looking for some amazing blogs that cover the daily trends of online marketing? All of these and more can be found on the Search Engine Roundtable. This essential online publication can be the main source of information for you and your digital team to ensure you’re always well-informed.

Improve Social Media with SocialTimes

Are you certain your social strategy is the right one? Are your ads showing up where you want them to on social platforms? Take a look at SocialTimes and gain some insight into what you need to do and how you can improve your social strategy. This site takes social news from the perspective you need to be successful at marketing and advertising for your business or the clients that trust you.

Buffer Stands Out in a Crowded World

You can find a large number of news outlets to tell you about social media and how to improve your digital marketing, but few offer the hard and raw approach that Buffer gives you. This publication will keep you informed with the latest trends in the digital world along with their outstanding content that brings you everything you want to know every day.

Offer Better Content and Read Copyblogger

Content marketing is one of the blandest of digital marketing topics, but Copyblogger does a great job of addressing it and offering ways to make the content better on your site. This is a useful new source that can give you the insights you need to improve your content and include aspects that will work well with SEO and social media to ensure your content is extremely useful.

Lots of Tools Offered by Contently

You’ll find two impressive blogs on the Contently pages along with the tools to help you build a portfolio if you’re making the change to content and publishing. Check out the blogs, gather the information you need, and stay informed on the latest content marketing trends. This could be the source you need to create a portfolio that will land you the best job you’ve ever had.

Make the most of these digital marketing new sources and stay updated and informed on the ever-changing online marketing world.

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