Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Nearly everyone checks their email every day, so how could email marketing be dead? That is a question we need to answer.

The trouble with this type of marketing isn’t in its use but in the message and the permissions needed to market to a person’s email account. No matter the age of the person, if they use a computer, smartphone, or other electronic devices for communication, they tend to prefer marketing messages to be sent via email than through any other system. This means you should use email, but you need to use it correctly.

What’s Wrong with Your Emails?

When you send out marketing messages via email, are you sending the same information to everyone on your list? That can be a huge mistake and make it truly difficult for your message to get through. Many people will send your emails to the spam folder if your message isn’t personal or engaging. That doesn’t mean you need a different email for each person, but for each group in your list.

Are your templates mobile-friendly? Your email marketing needs to be as mobile-friendly as your website to make sure users can see and benefit from your emails when using their mobile devices. Not everyone is reviewing their emails on a laptop or desktop computer; use mobile, friendly templates and get your message across.

Piggybacking on the template issue, you need to have excellent design elements for your emails. You want to have animations, GIFs, embedded full-length videos, and fast load times with your emails. Your marketing efforts also need to present bold call-to-action messages that make it easy for your recipients to understand what you’re offering them. Finally, ensure you do have permission from the recipient to send them emails. Lack of permission is one of the main reasons emails end up in the spam folder.

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

Improve Your Relationship with Customers

The accounts in your email list represent people who are already interested in your business and have subscribed to your emails. Sending them emails gives you an opportunity to engage with them and present them with your products and services without intruding into their other online spaces. Many of your customers will likely appreciate the fact that you’re not popping up with ads all over their screens.

Emails are Affordable

The cost to send emails, even if you have excellent templates and embedded videos, is much less than the cost of any other form of marketing. You’ll love how easy it is to send out emails to a group on your list, especially when you consider it’s one of the most affordable forms of marketing. This type of advertising is cheaper than sending out flyers and mailers to everyone on your list.

Build Credibility for Your Business

When you avoid some of the troubles with emails, your message is clear, engaging, and can only help your brand. You want the customers on your email list to benefit from the message you’re sending and to show a desire to engage with your emails, even if all they do is read them. You’ll be much more credible when you have the right email marketing for your customers.

Emails are Highly Profitable

Typically, marketing is measured by the return on investment that it brings. Email is one of the highest ROI marketing tools you can use. Studies show that you can return about $38 for every single dollar spent on a marketing campaign that’s run through email. This makes using emails to introduce new products and services a great way to engage with your audience and get your message across.

Messages Can be Targeted

To gain permission from customers to send them emails, you can use a questionnaire that shows you their interests and allows you to segment your email list based on their interest in the products and services that you offer. This means you can send emails to those on your list that have shown they are interested in specific products rather than sending the same messages to everyone on your list.

Make the Best Use of Your Time

You’ll love the fact that you can plan and build your email marketing campaign days or weeks in advance and have your message ready to go out to members of your list. This allows you and your team to optimize your time and avoid spending all of your time and effort managing a marketing campaign that can be run on autopilot for you.

Traffic is Driven to Your Website

The messages within your emails should entice viewers to head to your website and take advantage of the offers you have on your pages. Your call-to-action messages can include links to the relevant pages for your users to take advantage of the deals you’ve got for them. Emails offer you an effective way to bring users to your pages and allow them to see what you’re offering.

Emails are Easy to Get Started

No matter the size of your company, an email list is easy to build and makes it easy for you to start connecting with your audience. You can send out industry messages, special notices for your business, and showcase events that are coming up in the new future. There’s a wealth of information available to your so that you can get your email marketing campaigns started and begin to benefit from this amazing tool.

Use Reporting to Your Benefit

From measuring how many customers open your emails to seeing the click-through rate that comes from links in your emails that send people to your websites, you can measure and analyze the reports that tell you what’s going on. Like any other form of marketing, some messages will work, others will not. With that in mind, you’ll want to utilize the reporting offered and understand what each segment of your email list is looking for so that you can send them the right message every time.

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