• Sun. Jan 24th, 2021
Does Your Dealership Possess These Digital Marketing Skills?

There are some digital marketing skills that are necessary to the online success of your car dealership if you want to grow your audience.

This year, more than any other in the past, we were thrust into an online fever of marketing and engagement as people stayed home. With this in mind, these are the skills your dealership must possess for online success.

Success With the Right Stuff

You’ve heard of needing to have the “right stuff” to make sure you can be successful in an industry. The job you do requires a special set of skills to enjoy the height of success. The same is true for marketing your car dealership online. If you or your hired agency don’t possess these digital marketing skills, you’re not going to be successful.

Skill 1: Creating Engaging Content

Outstanding content is the cornerstone of every successful digital marketing campaign. You must capture the attention of your audience and keep it throughout the writing, images, and videos you’re presenting to them. Without doing this, you’re going to see more clicks and fewer conversions, which can cost a lot of money. You can either develop content skills in house or hire an agency to handle the job for you.

Skill 2: Developing Video Content

Most of the audience you’re trying to reach will look for videos that you present to see what you’re trying to share. Telling a story with a video can be pretty easy, but you need excellent skills to create videos that make sense and are developed properly. This is one of the most important digital marketing skills you can have when you want to offer an excellent online presence to your customers.

Skill 3: Managing Social Media

Social media has grown over several years and now it plays an enormous role in the car buying decisions of the public. Many people will share their experience at the dealership online and pose for pictures with their new purchase. It’s important you engage the local community, which could be much larger than you think. Ensure you have a dedicated person to manage your social media feeds and respond to potential customers.

Skill 4: Focus on Security

Security awareness is a key area of the digital world. One of the most important digital marketing skills is to ensure your website has the security needed to allow online users to feel secure when they visit the site. This is probably an area of your digital marketing that you’re going to turn over to an agency for the professional approach to the online security you need.

Skill 5: Understanding Customer Psychology

Selling cars has everything to do with the customer and understanding what they need. The person who has a growing family to take out on the weekends will have different needs in a vehicle than the single person looking for a car that offers them the most fun and active drive. Understand how your customers think and what they expect to get out of their vehicle when being driven and make sure your digital marketing reflects these desires.

Skill 6: Knowledge of Data Analysis

Using Google Analytics to review the data for your car dealer website is only as good as the person reviewing the information. The person who can read and understand what your local community needs and desires are the person with the digital marketing skills you’re looking for. Once this data is reviewed, the content can be created to offer your customer base the information desired.

Skill 7: Excellence in Paid Marketing

While gaining visitors through organic searches is like a free visit from a user, you do need to include paid marketing and paid keywords in your digital marketing strategy. You’re going to pay to use the tools from Google AdWords and you expect to have returns on this investment. Make sure the person managing this process has the skill to do it the right way.

Find the Digital Marketing Skills Needed

Most likely, you will need more than one person to handle digital marketing for your car dealership. If you don’t have the budget to keep employees on staff for this task, or you want to outsource this part of the process, there are many agencies you can hire to handle the job of improving your online presence. The agency you choose will have a way to incorporate all seven of these skills in your strategy.

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