What is AI’s Role in Automotive?

What is AI's Role in Automotive?

New technology almost always makes its way into the auto industry first. AI is such tech, and it’s gaining a larger role in the automotive world.

Artificial intelligence isn’t made to replace human influence and development of technology but to enhance it. The use of AI has become widespread in the automotive world, which could be part of why the technology included in modern vehicles is developing much faster than we could have ever anticipated. The role of this tech is becoming increasingly important, bringing excellent new features and products to the market every year.

Here are seven ways AI is fulfilling its role in the automotive industry.

Self-driving cars

Although autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars aren’t publicly sold or in use on every road, the development of these vehicles continues to bring us closer to a world in which they will be part of the mix. AI-powered tech is expected to be the catalyst toward ensuring autonomous vehicles make it to the market in the future. Many companies expect the development of electric cars to push us closer to self-driving models.

Voice assistance features are getting better

You might already use voice recognition software while using your smartphone or when you want to make a call in your car. Voice assistants are becoming more widespread in the vehicles we drive every day. This is one of the most significant roles of AI in the automotive world so far. The voice assistant can help you:

  • Make and receive calls
  • Receive restaurant and gas station information
  • Operate the radio
  • Control climate features
  • Find parking spots
  • Set a destination in the navigation system

Increased facial recognition security

Some cars can already recognize when the driver is getting drowsy and will alert the driver to take a break or pull over. In some cases, the vehicle will pull over and keep the driver safe. Facial recognition software enhanced by AI is a new aspect of the security of some of our cars. Porsche and Hyundai use this software to unlock the cars and allow owners to restrict access to specific users. Land Rover and Jaguar use this technology to control in-car features, including the AC, lights, and audio settings.

AI reads data much faster than humans

When it comes to AI’s role in the automotive industry, the most impactful role is coming up with new solutions to problems based on data. Computers can read and analyze data much faster than any person. Once an algorithm is developed to provide parameters to the program, solutions can be found. GM already uses this technology to make vehicles lighter and more efficient. A recent creation is a seat bracket that’s 40% lighter and 20% stronger than the original part of the vehicle.

Cars should have fewer flaws

The quality control processes at many automotive plants have been handled by some of the most skilled workers in the plant for years. Utilizing AI to assist in this process, the comprehensive quality of parts can be determined, making this process much more efficient and effective. Audi currently uses computers to identify small fissures a car’s sheet metal, making it much easier to keep faulty parts from hitting the assembly line. AI can streamline this process and help automakers build more cars with fewer defects.

The assembly line driven by AI

Another major role AI has in the automotive industry is in the assembly of vehicles. Since the 1960s, robots have been building some parts of the vehicles we drive, allowing workers to build the parts that don’t cause fatigue or long-term health problems. AI-driven bots also move parts around the assembly floor and use sensors to prevent collisions and injuries at the worksite. These bots can move heavy components and conduct tests in the factory to avoid human errors.

Dealers use AI in marketing efforts

When properly programmed with data, FAQs, and expert answers, AI systems can provide a personalized marketing message to customers and engage with shoppers who search for cars during dealership off hours. AI gathers information from various touchpoints to understand the specific customer needs and offer the shopper the items desired. This could be a specific car with certain features or special deals for the services offered at the service department. This leaves the salesperson to recommend a few options for the customer, adding the human element.

These are seven ways AI fills a large role in the automotive industry. Most likely, you’ve encountered a few of them while driving or shopping for a car.

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