• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Toyota Delivery Services at the Olympics

Toyota Delivery Services at the Olympics

Toyota has put a timeframe on when they will offer us a new vehicle that can be the next Amazon delivery vehicle, food truck, or ride-sharing service.

This new service is one that is built to be a van that looks the same on both ends to make it easy to travel in any direction it needs to. It’s a large billboard shaped vehicle that could be a rolling advertisement for your business and it drives around without a driver and operates on electricity for the clean ride that you want on the road.

This new Toyota vehicle is called the e-Palette and it arrived at the Consumer Electronics Show this year to be the headliner for the company. The simplicity of the design and the elegance of the appearance make it a vehicle that can be a blank canvas for advertising and offer a multitude of uses for anyone who needs to get things from place to place on wheels.

This could be the right vehicle that has the room needed inside to be a full kitchen, or it could be packed with boxes from Amazon to get them where they need to go around the area.

When will we See the Toyota e-Palette Offered

The goal for Toyota to offer this vehicle out on the roads for use is the 202 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The plan is to release this van that will be able to give rides to athletes, officials, spectators, tourists, and allow businesses to set up where they need to or offer the delivery of materials where it needs to go.

Making this deadline the time where we will see this vehicle on the roads will give it coverage and advertising we wouldn’t otherwise see with this vehicle. The fact that this vehicle will be offered during the Olympics in Tokyo will give the Toyota team some home turf to program the systems of the e-Palette in order to be reliable on the roads it will need to travel on a daily basis.

Mapping Out the City for Olympic Use

For the next two years, we can expect to see these vehicles moving around this massive city with test drivers aboard to make sure the programming is done the right way to ensure these vehicles will be reliable when they arrive for this grand event that is watched around the entire world with the television coverage expected.

While this impressive new electric self-driving van is going to get things done in Tokyo during the Olympics, what will the future of the e-Palette become? Will the team at Toyota need to program ever city into the software or will this be a vehicle that has the AI to be able to learn an area and be able to respond to situations that arise?

These will certainly be questions we can ask more often in a couple of years when we see these Toyota e-Palette vans driving around Tokyo as rolling billboards to the companies that paid for the advertising on the sides of them.

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