Top 5 Mods to Make a Tacoma an Offroad Machine

Top 5 Mods to Make a Tacoma an Offroad Machine

Seeing what new cars and trucks offer can make you rethink the old used vehicle in your garage. But what if your older vehicle could be just as good as a new one, thanks to offroad mods?

Here are five additions you can make to a used Toyota Tacoma to turn it into an offroading vehicle that’s better than brand new.

Increasing Off-Road Visibility With Lights

Visibility is one of the most important things to consider when traveling off the road. You need to see your surroundings, and anyone else in the area needs to see you.

Here are a few ways you can increase your visibility on top of the base lights a used Toyota Tacoma features:

  • Molded LED Raptor Lights fit in your truck’s front grill to give you more light where you need it most.
  • VLEDS LP Reverse Light Bar installs just above your license plate to give you more lighting when you reverse
  • TRD Pro Headlights are a notch above with sleek black housings

Stay Safer in Groups With Sophisticated Turn Signalling

Away from the rules of the road, signaling to anyone driving alongside you is more important than ever.

Sequential Turn Signals can be your best friend in these situations! Rather than simply blinking, they feature a sequential pattern of lights to make your plans apparent at a glance. There are even side mirrors with integrated turn signaling available.

Carry Everything With a Hitch-Mounted Tire Carrier

While called a tire carrier, this mod allows you to carry nearly anything by increasing the carrying power of your truck. The possibilities are endless, from spare tires and bikes to extra fuel and water.

A hitch-mounted carrier can be taken on and off easily, making it more versatile than bumper-mounted alternatives. There’s no need to keep it attached when you return to the highways if you’re only using it offroad.

Awnings and Tents Keep You Sheltered Anywhere

Out at night but not ready to make the inside of your used Toyota Tacoma your bed? With tents and awnings that mount to your roof rack, you won’t have to.

A roof-mounted tent can pop open on top of your truck to provide a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Many awnings can become full rooms off the side of your vehicle to give you privacy when camping with friends.

Protection and Utility in Rock Sliders with Kick-Outs

The primary benefit of rock sliders is their ability to protect the undercarriage of your truck while you’re on tricky terrain. But a huge secondary benefit is the kick-outs, which make reaching your truck’s roof much easier. Even getting into your cab is easier!

High-quality sliders can also support your truck’s entire weight, pushing it off rocks or lifting smoothly with a jack.

Mods can take your used Toyota Tacoma from good to great, and there are plenty to choose from. Start with these mods or find more that suit your taste, and don’t forget to keep upgrading your used vehicle, so it’s better than new!


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