The Missing Element

We’ve seen many different automakers create their sub-brands which are performance-based over the years. Most of these brands have experienced success because the models offered aren’t as readily available as the standard models but these upgraded versions of the vehicles we normally enjoy are certainly capable of offering us more of what we want on the road. Currently, Mercedes has AMG, BMW has its M Division, Audi has the RS lineup and now the luxury brand that will bring us the latest sub-brand will be Volvo. Volvo’s new sub-brand that’s vetted for performance is the new Polestar name.

This branching off of the Polestar division will allow Volvo to have a dedicated team that is focused on creating the performance desired in the models that we enjoy from this brand. To prove this idea and achieve a level of performance that starts the party for Polestar, the team tuned up the XC60 and XC90 plug-in hybrid models of these SUVs to give them 420 horsepower. This made the pair the most powerful road driving Volvo models ever built, but it certainly not where the Polestar team wants to stop as they look for more ways to create the power and performance desired.

The most recent claim from Volvo in regards to the Polestar brand is the creation of a coupe. This coupe could be the first model that isn’t built as a derivative of another and wear the Polestar badge. The goal is to create this coupe with an engine that will produce as much as 600 horsepower from under the hood. This isn’t the first time this number has been considered as the Polestar team is also working toward offering a 600 horsepower hybrid version of the S90 and V90 to give us the immense power that we could enjoy on the road and at the track.

Not only is this new coupe supposed to offer us the 600 horsepower number from a hybrid powertrain, but it will wear carbon fiber in many areas of the car to be lightweight and agile on the road. As this brand of the Volvo team works to make this a reality this sub-brand is considering the development of a second stand-alone model but the identity and style of that vehicle are yet to be shared. In addition to creating some of the models for this brand, the expectation is to continue to use the existing lineup from Volvo to create more power and performance.

As the most exciting part of the development of this new sub-brand we can expect to see the new high-powered Polestar coupe cross the stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. When this happens the Polestar brand will be alive and kicking and ready to provide us with the power we want when we’re searching for a fantastic luxury sports car that has the ability to give us the fun and active drive we want to have on the track and out on the roads in our area.

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