Why Its a Great Idea to Buy A Used Mustang

used Mustang

No matter how many times you asked, holidays and birthdays came and went, and you never got a pony. Now that you’re grown, you can get your own. Find a great deal on a used Mustang near you.

A Legendary Pony

Debuting with the Muscle Car Class of 1964, the Ford Mustang had such groundbreaking design and power that car experts came up with a whole new class for these cars. Of the original “pony cars,” only the Mustang is still going strong. And if you want a sports coupe that hits the sweet spot of value, handling, style, and technology, go test drive a sixth-generation ‘Stang.

How it Stacks Up to the Competition

The Mustang’s closest competition in the pony car class is the Dodge Challenger. Both of them deliver monster power under the hood and can more than hold their own on the track. But you want a sports coupe that can handle the everyday stuff, too, and this is where a used Mustang excels. Behind the wheel, the Challenger is a little roomier, but the Mustang’s cabin materials are more upscale with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and sport seats. Both offer robust infotainment systems and smartphone integration. When you need to navigate parking garages or winding country roads, the Mustang’s slim, athletic profile offers better handling compared to the hefty Challenger. And the Ford comes out far ahead in safety. The 2019 scored an IIHS safety rating of 9.3/10 compared to the Dodge’s 7.9/10.

Keep it Simple or Trick it Out

With a big lineup of available trims and add-on packages, you can customize your Mustang to suit your style and your budget.

If you’re looking for a daily driver that adds a little spice to your routine, you can find a 4-banger Turbo EcoBoost in the low-to mid-$20k range. If your budget and your appetite for speed are a little bigger, you can find great deals on a GT Premium or a used Mustang ROUSH.

Which ‘Stang Should You Get?

If you’re looking for a used Mustang with premium features and the latest and greatest technology, you’ll get the best value from a 2018 or 2019 model. You get all of the perks of having a nearly new car without having to deal with the painful cost of depreciation. And if you really want to drive a legend, look for a deal on a 2019 Bullitt edition. Will you look as cool as Steve McQueen driving it? You can’t help but look cool driving a stick shift. Plus, the Bullit’s attention-grabbing unique dark green metallic exterior and interior details like the cue ball gear shift will turn just about anyone into a big-screen icon.

Before You Buy

Look, shopping for a used car—even one as cool as a Mustang—often feels like playing Russian Roulette. It can be tough to get all of your questions answered when you’re dealing with an aggressive seller. Before you hand over your hard-earned money, make sure you get a vehicle history and inspection report (or have your mechanic give it a bumper-to-bumper looksee).

Now Go Get that Pony You’ve Always Wanted!

With so many trim options and packages available, you should have an easy time finding a great deal on the used Mustang of your dreams.

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