Buick Could Be Next For EV Models

Buick Could Be Next For an EV

General Motors has the ambitious goal of selling up to 30 EV models globally by the end of 2025. Three of the GM nameplates already have EV models to sell. Chevrolet offers the Bolt EV, and EUV will soon offer EV versions of the Silverado and Blazer. GMC offers the Hummer EV and will soon sell a Sierra EV that will likely mimic the Silverado. Cadillac has the Lyriq luxury SUV model. However, you won’t find any Buick EV models at your Buick dealer. Buick currently does not have a single EV model.

Buick Electra EV Models

Buick is now teasing details coming this summer for a new EV model to hit the American market. A Buick-badged Bolt already sells as an EV model in China. The only detail revealed by the GM nameplate was a slim headlight, but it reminded people of a concept car that Buick made two years ago. That car was called the Electra, and it sounds like a pretty good name for Buick’s first EV model. The rest of the vehicle is a little too “out there” to work as an actual production car. The concept featured futuristic scissor doors that definitely wouldn’t work in the Buick price range. However, the basic design of the car with a fastback meets wagon look wouldn’t be a bad change for the Buick lineup.

Coming This Summer

In late 2021, GM filed to trademark the Buick Electra name. The name has been used before in Buick’s lineup, but it was quite some time ago with the last model in 1990. Buick completely abandoned the trademark in 2014, so this is a new application and not a renewal. More details on what Buick has planned are expected to come in the summer of 2022. However, some guesses can be made on what’s in store. For example, it’s likely that the Buick Electra (if indeed that’s the name) will ride on the Ultium electric hardware platform. Some industry observers wonder if GM will simply reimagine the Cadillac Lyriq with a Buick nameplate, but that seems unlikely when Buick has its own distinct design cues.

Buick Velite EV Models

Another possibility is the Buick Velite. GM applied in early 2022 to reserve this name for vehicles sold in the United States. Right now, the Buick Velite lineup is a family of EV models and plug-in EV models that are being sold in China. This includes the Velite 5 sedan, the Velite 6 crossover, and the Velite 7 crossover with an extended range of 311 miles. With GM filing for the trademark in the United States, it could be that Buick is looking to import this already solid Velite lineup into the American market.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out more about a new Buick EV model. It seems likely that your local Buick dealer should see EV models on its lot by 2025 as promised.

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