How Will CarBravo Effect Your GM Sales?

GM Vehicles CarBravo

General Motors recently released CarBravo, which is being touted as a new way to shop for used vehicles. The idea is that shoppers can find GM brands, like Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac, via an online shopping app.

GM hopes to provide customers with more choices to find and purchase used vehicles.

With CarBravo hitting the scene, many dealerships are wondering how it will impact their sales. Here’s what to expect:

A New Customer Experience

CarBravo is expected to offer a more seamless experience for shoppers. This new digital retail platform (DRP) is aimed at offering a transparent shopping trip. Users will get up-front pricing, complimentary vehicle history reports, and a complete 360-degree look at the vehicle.

This system also provides confidence for shoppers who aren’t sure about buying a car online and having it delivered. GM is including standard warranty coverage and a national network of dealers to complete maintenance. Shoppers will also enjoy a number of other benefits, like OnStar and Sirius XM trials.

Dealer enrollment has already started. Customers should be able to start using this system later this spring.

The Benefits For Your Dealership

As a Chevrolet or other GM brand dealership, you might be wondering how CarBravo will benefit your organization. The first thing to realize is that CarBravo is going to help shoppers find your dealership. You may have something on your lot that is perfect for a driver who may not have even known you existed. The idea isn’t to take away business from local dealerships. Instead, it’s meant to help shoppers expand their search to find the vehicles they want.

CarBravo appears to work a lot like a certified pre-owned program in that it requires vehicles to meet a certain standard and comes with extra perks and warranties. That means shoppers won’ necessarily be fighting over discount vehicles but will be using the app to find the best options on your lot.

This service should also help bring more customers into your shop for service appointments. A Chevrolet owner, for example, who recently moved to the area can use the app to find a reliable service location. Anytime you can get more people in the door, it provides an opportunity for you to earn a life-long customer.

The Downsides of CarBravo

While the CarBravo service should ultimately be great for dealerships across the country, the program isn’t perfect. New services like this often run into little hiccups during their first phases. Dealerships might have to be flexible as GM works out any kinks that might come up.

There’s also a feeling of competition among similar brands. Let’s say someone is looking for a used Chevrolet Cruze. When they show up at your dealership, you can show them all of the options you have. You might even be able to help them consider another vehicle if you don’t have the Cruze they want. With CarBravo, you may not even get to interact with that customer if they see another dealership has a Chevrolet Cruze that is more to their liking.

Ultimately, CarBravo should enhance the customer’s experience while helping your dealership compete with companies like Carvana, CarMax, and more. It will be interesting to see how shoppers take to this new service. Seeing how GM covers a variety of in-demand brands, it stands to be a popular service.

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