Buick Answers New Chinese Regulations with Enspire

Buick Answers New Chinese Regulations with Enspire

Buick has been a brand that straddles the line between the mainstream market and the luxury brands for excellence in your drive.

In order to continue to live in this part of the market, the Buick team has become experts at offering us models that have more of what we want at the right price. This has led to a lineup that offers a variety of models that are specific for the driving needs we have on the road.

A Special Model Just for China

In China, regulatory bodies have decreed that automakers begin to sell models that will help to reduce the amount of pollution their vehicles expel in the form of emissions. With the goal of reducing emissions to zero, automakers that sell vehicles in China are required to sell a specific percentage of zero-emissions vehicles based upon the total sales they have in the market. This has caused several automakers to begin to work to create more hybrid and EV models to be part of their lineups in the country and begin the steps needed toward a lower level of air pollution.

Buick Shows up with the Enspire EV Concept

Buick has been one of the most popular brands in China for the past few years. As one of the many brands sold, the need to have EV or hybrid models offered has become one that’s extremely important to the continued success of the Buick brand. The new Enspire EV SUV Concept is one that shows up with a bold design and amazing technologies for the future mobility offered. This new SUV allows us to think of the future we can have in the US with a brand that we already know and trust.

Check Out the Buick Enspire

The experience items that we should see in the new Enspire include an advanced aerodynamic system with a strong sculptural look. The interior is going to receive the “surround skyline” theme and offer theater seating to give this SUV a spacious feeling. The center console and armrests are made from natural wood grain and microfiber suede for a fantastic look and feeling for the drive. You’ll also see amazing technology in the dashboard with an OLED display screen and a head-up display that’s going to give you what you’re looking for when you drive along with the connectivity of the new 5G super high-speed network.

Maybe This Buick Will Come Stateside

As far as the expected performance features of the new Enspire, the new Buick eMotion electric technology will be used to give you the power to reach sixty mph in four seconds. The expected range of this SUV on a single charge is nearly 370 miles and the battery will support both fast and wireless charging with the ability to be charged up to eighty percent in only forty minutes. This new SUV was shown off at the Auto China 2018 show in Beijing to give us a look at what will hopefully be the first Buick EV SUV in the US after it shows success in China.

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