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Stop wasting time and money with social media strategies that don't help you sell more cars.

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Focus on Facebook with integration options for other social networks.

Hyper-targeted advertising that reaches people who are buying a car soon.

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3 Principles Drive Our Strategy

Social media might be huge, but for car dealers, it's all about making it small again. That means taking advantage of the incredible targeting capabilities available in automotive and finding your potential customers.
 Maximum Volume
Despite common misconceptions, nobody ever visits your profiles. They only interact with what's in their news feeds. We properly manage your ad budget to put your message in front of as many buyers as possible.
 Unique Message
Social media isn't about fitting in. It's about standing out. Don't let anyone tell you that your message should be like other dealers. Have a unique voice that only a nimble company like Dealer Authority can create.


JD Rucker
Since 2007, JD has been living on the bleeding edge of social media marketing in order to bring the cutting edge strategies that work to generate more sales. 


Subi Ghosh
After spending the last six years on the retail side of the business, Subi has come over to the vendor side to bring her unique talents to dealers across the country. 

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Locals only. Put your message in front of people within driving distance to the dealership..

Tyson Madliger
Members of our team, including CEO Tyson Madliger,  have worked for large companies like Reynolds & Reynolds, KPA, and Now, we're applying what we've learned into a nimble approach that puts our clients' needs first. 


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