Seductive Sportiness Found in the Audi A7 Prestige

Audi A6

The top trim level and most alluring version of the Audi A7 is the Prestige trim. This incredible car can give you a drive you’ve never thought was possible. In fact, you can look at the Prestige trim of this car and realize there are two versions, one that is the A7 model and the other is the S7. The S7 is the sportier version that Audi offers across most of the models created.

The A7 is Something Different

When you reach into the realm of top-level luxury cars, you don’t expect to find a hatchback version at all. The A7 gives you a Sportback body which offers you a large cargo area to be something completely different from what you normally find in this area of the market. Instead of being a stuffy luxury car, the Audi A7 is a car that looks like fun and brings you pleasure for your drive.

Why Would You Want to Drive this Car?

Once you see the list of features for the Audi A7 Prestige, you’ll see the reasons are obvious. Before we get to that list, what you’ll see in the A7 is a car that is stylish, has a high-tech interior, is smooth and ready for a great drive, and it brings you excellent power right where you want it.

Let’s Look at What this Car Brings

The A7 Prestige is the top trim for the regular versions of this Audi. This model gives you the benefits of:

•Audi laser-light headlights

•Quad-zone climate controls

•Heated/ventilated 12-way power front seats

•Heated rear seats

•Head-up display

•Power soft-close doors

Items that come from the lower trims include:

•Lane-keeping assist

•Adaptive cruise control

•Top-view camera

•Bang & Olufsen audio system

•Audi Virtual Cockpit

•8.8-inch display screen

•Panoramic sunroof

•Lane-departure warning

•Navigation system

•AudiPre Sense Basic

•Audi Pre Sense Front

•7-inch driver information screen

•Apple CarPlay
•Android Auto

•Amazon Alexa

•Keyless entry

•Push-button starting

•Rain/light-sensing wipers

•Front and rear parking sensors

•Power tilt/telescoping steering wheel

•Leather upholstery

•Wireless charging

•Active cruise control

•Lane-keeping assist

Of course, if you’re looking for the sportier model, the Audi S7 Prestige gives you:

•Driver assistance package

•Head-up display

•Executive package

•Audi Side Assist

•Audi Pre Sense Rear

•Power soft-closing doors

This is in addition to the items that come from the lower trim of the S7, which are:

•Heated 12-way power sport seats

•Adaptive air suspension

•Bang & Olufsen sound system

While you can certainly add options to the mix of the Audi A7 Prestige, you can see how the two different variants could be great for the driving you want to enjoy every day.

Let’s Look at Those Options

Features you can add to either the A7 or S7 Prestige trim include all-wheel steering, adaptive sport suspension, 18-way adjustable front seats with massaging function, a night-vision assist system, and a 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system. The S7 can be upgraded with exclusive items to give you more performance. These items are a sport rear differential and a sport exhaust system, giving you more control and a better sound when you have this amazing car.

Super Comfort and Style on the Road

You’re going to spend most of your time behind the wheel and that’s a great place to be. Audi gives you an interior that’s certainly one of the best in the market. Get comfortable on the seats, enjoy the smooth feeling and wonderful drive, and take this car for a drive. The style is absolutely sporty with the raked-back look that invites you to open the cargo hatch for tons of room for what you want to take along on the road.

The Pair of Audi Engines in the A7 Prestige

The A7 version of this car gives you excellent power with a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. This powertrain gives you 335 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft. of torque. The S7 version takes things farther with a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission. This model returns 444 horsepower and 443 lb.-ft. of torque to give you a wonderful drive.

Let this Audi Take You Everywhere

Do you want to have superior comfort and sportiness in one of the most alluring cars in the market? If so, you’ll want to drive the Audi A7 Prestige home from your local Audi dealer today. Stop by and take a test drive to figure out whether you’ll drive the A7 or the S7 version of this car and which features will be part of the mix.

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