• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

Car Show Host Reminds us of what’s Important

We discuss vehicles at length. We talk about the features, the fun, the versatility, the capability, and the quality of different vehicles. From the small and affordable Nissan Versa on up to the Bugatti Chiron, we talk about what a car can do and how it can perform for you on the road where you drive. Some cars are meant to head to the track, some are meant to stay on the road, and some are even built to handle the fun and adventure that can be found on the trails in the wilderness.

Safety is Important in Cars

When you get behind the wheel of a car, you’re putting your life in danger every single time you drive. This is because you not only trust yourself to be safe on the road, but you’re also trusting the rest of the drivers on the road. Sometimes, we simply run into an issue on the road and can’t avoid being in a crash. When this happens you have no choice but to hope and trust that your vehicle is going to keep you safe and keep you from the harm you would otherwise face on the road.

A Show Host Learns this Lesson

Recently, BBC “Top Gear” presenter Chris Harris had an accident. This accident took place while he was driving his own Porsche 911 GT3 Touring car on the road. According to Harris, he came around a turn and a truck was I the middle of a three-point turn in which Harris broadsided the truck in Wales. This gave a startling and scary start to the week. Unfortunately, the Porsche and the pickup truck both had damage to them, but thankfully, no one was hurt in the process, which started the week off wrong.

Vehicles can be Replaced

After this accident, Harris himself stated that vehicles can be replaced, but people can’t. He had a passenger with him in the car and neither was injured, which is extremely good news. As you would expect, this wasn’t the first crash ever for a presenter of a car show, but it was one of the first times he was in a crash in his own car, and it certainly wasn’t planned. Thankfully, the safety systems of the Porsche performed perfectly and made it possible for all that were involved to walk away unscathed.

Another Accident for Harris

During his time on “Top Gear,” Harris has been in another accident. As the only remaining presenter of the trio that was offering us this show last year, Harris has the job of testing and driving all the cars presented on his own. This tough job (yes, I’m rolling my eyes right now) allows him to have the pleasure of driving a wide variety of high-powered sports cars. In February, Harris was in an accident with an Alpine A110 that caught fire during filming in Monte Carlo. Thankfully, he and his passenger were both unharmed during this accident as well.

The Factors in the Crash

You might expect that the most recent accident that Harris was involved in would have speed as a factor, but that’s not the case. Even though he was driving his own 911 GT3 Touring car, he wasn’t speeding. In fact, the police in Wales gave a ticket to the driver of the pickup truck and not to Harris. This is lucky for him, although it would have been better for Harris if he had been driving a Porsche UK press car and not his own vehicle on the roads in Wales.

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