What Kind of Content Should You Post on Social Media?

What Kind of Content Should You Post on Social Media?

You have to include current and impressive social media content on your accounts that represent your car dealership.

This is how you engage with your potential audience and show them what you have for sale. Your posts should include links to relevant pages on your website, making it much easier for your customers to see what’s going on at your dealership. Let’s take a look at the type of content you should post.

Make Use of New Social Platforms

It seems like we have a new platform to try every year. If you are one of the first local car dealerships to make use of a new platform, you’ll engage with your customers where other dealers aren’t. Keep your proverbial ear to the ground and find out which platforms are the newest rage and being used by a widespread audience.

Call-To-Actions Must be Included in Your Social Media

Are you inviting your customers to visit your dealership? Do you tell them to click on a link and check out your landing pages? Are you offering specific events for shoppers to enjoy? These are call-to-action messages and they should be part of your posts. You want your posts to entice your visitors to act and move forward with a lead that could turn into a purchase.

User-Generated Content can be Gold

Get permission from the originator, but when you see user-generated content that mentions your dealership, you want to repost and link to it. You’re likely to gain permission from the originator and they will get seen much more through your posts. This can be a huge win for you and for the person who started the post. Enjoy the attention that comes from this type of content.

Create Social Media Contests for Your Audience

We all love to play games and one great way to do this is with a contest that you offer through your social posts. Let winners get prizes and enjoy sharing the event across a variety of platforms to get more people excited to win. You can invite the winners to the dealership and offer a Stories post that shows them receiving their price at your location.

Show Off Your Team

Give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your dealership and some of the funny antics that go on. You could make this a weekly feature and allow your team to be fun, engaging, and entertaining while they work. These social media posts just might be the most fun part of your week and give your entire team something to laugh at and enjoy, especially if you show them the posts before you add them to your platforms.

Give Your Customers the Savings They Deserve

You have special offers and discounts that you offer all the time. The best place to make sure these items reach more shoppers is to share them through your social media content. Some of the discounts you can offer could be for one specific audience such as your Twitter followers or those who connect with you on Instagram. Help your shoppers save money and give them the discounts they can take advantage of.

Create a Campaign for Greater Reach on Social Media

Build a larger following with a “tag a friend”, “retweet”, or “share” campaign that will have a raffle for a winning prize. This type of campaign will give you the extended reach you want when you’re offering content through your social platforms. Your follower numbers will increase quickly with one of these campaigns and those who participate can have a lot of fun.

Promote the Events You Host at Your Dealership

Are you holding a fundraiser this month? Does your dealership support a specific charity every year? Do you have events that help some of the organizations in your area? If so, you’ll want to promote your events through your social media posts. Share the dates, details, and specifics about the events you host and make them more successful than ever.

Leverage the Holidays

It seems like a tradition for car dealerships to have events every month for every type of holiday that comes up. You want to leverage this fact and share the savings, decorations, and atmosphere offered at your dealership through your social media content. Make the most out of the holidays and let everyone know they can come in and take advantage of the savings you offer. These days can be the best sales days you have whenever you share them in your posts.

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