Social Media Processes that Don’t Make You Think Too Hard

Social Media Processes that Don’t Make You Think Too Hard

If you’re racking your brain to think of ways to improve your social media content for your audience, you need to relax.

There are many tried and true posts that you can make that will bring your car dealership to the news feeds of your customers and improve your presence to help build your audience. Let’s look at some of the most successful automotive social media ideas that every dealership should use.

Present Your Blog Post to Your Followers

Don’t hide your blog on your website, get it out in front of your audience. You can create a post that will share this blog with your audience as often as you post it. If you make a weekly blog, share it on the same day every week to offer the consistency your followers expect. Add a video to the mix and give your readers some of the highlights to help them understand what you’re telling them.

Spice Up Your Inventory Posts

You probably have a canned way to show your inventory with excellent photos, a walk-through video, and a link to the listing page. These posts are important to give your inventory the foundation necessary, but you can spice up your social medial with inventory posts that offer more. Whether you show videos of your vehicles in a real-time situation or going on a glorious test drive, you can give your audience more with your inventory.

Don’t Forget to Showcase Your Deals

Deals and promotions that every customer can enjoy should be shared across all your social platforms. Aside from this, you could offer some channel-specific deals that will give those members of your audience something special. If you’re looking to increase the size of your audience, you can do this with a referral program.

Celebrate Your Customers

With their permission, post your happy customers on social media and make sure you tag them in your posts. Your happy customers are friends, relatives, and neighbors to other customers you’ll want to bring to your dealership. There’s isn’t a lot of extra creativity to this, just let those big smiles shine through as you give the keys to a shopper or they drive away in the new vehicle you just sold them.

Expand the Trivia, But Keep it Automotive Related

Trivia is a fun part of posting on social platforms and engaging with others that are following the same account. While car trivia is a little obvious for a dealership, many of your customers won’t know much about cars and might enjoy trivia that has more to offer. You can certainly keep a car-related question or two in the mix but try to offer questions on other topics to make it more fun.

Can Customers Do it Themselves?

Many people are turning to DIY videos to learn how to do different things. This can be the case for some of the basic maintenance items needed for the cars that we drive. Your social media could feature a weekly post regarding a DIY tutorial that you’ve created. This will help your service team become familiar with your audience and give your customers the information they are looking for.

Showcase Your Community

You may be present online, but your car dealership is a physical location that’s part of a community. Help your team become immersed in the community and offer posts that show your team out in the area. Highlight local events, local places to go, and some of the small businesses that you partner with. Those other businesses will appreciate it and your customers will see your community pride coming through.

Tips for First-Time Car Buyers

Some of your customers have purchased many cars over their lifetimes and don’t need tips, but those who never have purchased a vehicle will benefit from some tips that can help them. This is a great opportunity to use social media to show your younger audience that you’re on their side and will offer them the best deals and an easy buying process.

Use Polls to Improve Your Customer Engagement

Poll questions are extremely popular on social networks and they help to give your audience a voice. You can have silly polls such as “which employee dog is the cutest?” or you can have serious polls with tips to help your dealership improve. A good balance of both will allow you to know your social audience better and engage with them in their space.

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