• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021

How FrikinTech is Changing the Buying Experience for Car Shoppers

How FrikinTech is Changing the Buying Experience for Car Shoppers

Car shopping has come a long way and FrikinTech is making it easier for customers to shop with gradual engagement from the dealer.

Early research would tell you that a car shopper that visited a website several times would be close to making a purchase, but when you review the FrikinTech process, you find that repeatedly visiting a site doesn’t always result in a buying decision in the near future.

Early Understanding

In the early days of online websites for car dealerships, it wasn’t often that you found much information regarding a car. You mostly found a list of vehicles, sometimes without images, and that was all. Once OEMs and third party classified organizations began to list cars and show customers what they could buy, the website of a dealership was relegated to the bottom of the funnel. This means the only thing anyone was going to contact the dealer to find out was whether a vehicle was available and how much it would cost.

A Trend Revealed

Today, studies show that many car shoppers will visit the same site, look at the same vehicle, and review the same information many times over. This makes you wonder what they are doing and why they would want to keep on searching for the same information. Do these customers have unresolved questions? Do they know how to contact the dealer to begin the process of buying a car? It was up to FrikinTech to find the answers to these questions.

Websites Can be Too Flashy –FrikinTech Can Help

When you look at a website made by a gambling operation, you’re faced with tons of call to action buttons that expect you to make a quick decision and select items that you might not be ready to select right away. Unfortunately, car websites have become similar to this with tons of buttons and buy now messages that don’t reflect the message of the business. Car dealers don’t want to be pushy and should understand the decision to buy a vehicle isn’t one that happens in an instant.

Gradual Engagement from FrikinTech

When customers visit your website multiple times, your website knows this. Tracking is kept in the data and what you can do is use FrikinTech to offer a little more information each time a visitor takes the time to see your website. Offer something that’s progressively better or more than what it was the last them the customer shopped on your site. This could be a fresh, resonating message that shows them new information or a price/payment that will entice them to want to purchase a vehicle and work with your dealership.

Use More Images and Videos

Another form of gradual engagement that FrikinTech can offer is added text or videos that discuss the car the customer is interested in. The more information you can give them, a little at a time, the more opportunities you have to give your potential customer a fresh and new way to enjoy the experience with your website. Keep the content coming to them and let them know they are going to continue to be presented with fresh and new information when they visit.

FrikinTech Makes it Possible

The use of FrikinTech allows your website to select ads, videos, content, and pricing information from the data library to show the customer a little more every time they visit your site. This means a customer can look at the same car a few different times and enjoy the presentation of new information each time. Those that only look at a vehicle or deal one time, will not receive as much information. The purpose is to answer any unresolved questions the customer might have without the need to interact with your team if they don’t want to.

How Does Gradual Engagement Help a Car Dealer?

Using gradual engagement from FrikinTech allows you to hold a few cards back when you’re working to get a customer to choose one of your vehicles. Those gambling websites mentioned previously don’t hold cards back and bombard you with more information than you can handle. Using the FrikinTech tool, your site can appear clean, easy-to-read, and useful. Even if a customer acts as if they aren’t interested in a vehicle, you always have another way to engage them with the added content and information you’re holding and ready to present using gradual engagement.

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