How LinkedIn Can Send Your Business to the Top

How LinkedIn Can Send Your Business to the Top

Connect with an amazing group of professionals on the social media platform made for working people to connect. We’re talking about LinkedIn.

At one time, this platform was considered a place to find a job, but not a place to connect with others in a social setting, but now it is. Your business needs to take advantage of the marketing available on this platform to be one of the top names in your industry.

Specialized Targeting on this Platform

When you’re targeting potential customers, you have information available to you on this platform that you don’t on others. You’ll know the exact industry, company size, and role of the people you target on this platform. This means you can offer them products or services that can make their job easier or make their lives away from work better.

Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Every connection you have on this platform can be part of your email marketing list. Invite them to do so and make sure you offer a thank you for being connected on this platform. Apologize for the form of a letter when you send it out to the fifty people at a time that’s allowed or craft a specialized letter for each person that connects with you. This is a great way to grow your email list.

Post the Highest-Quality Content

Other companies in your industry are likely on the same platform as you and are in the same category. You want to impress your potential customers and showcase the best content when you post on this platform. When you have content that will impress customers and peers alike, you’re more likely to receive leads and sales from the content that you offer.

Encourage Employee Connection

You can showcase your employees and what they mean to your company on LinkedIn. Try and get as many of them as possible to connect to this platform and create a profile that will put a face to a name for your customers. This is a great way to personalize your team and let others see who you work with and what they mean to your community which could be extremely important to your customers.

Create Your Own Group

Being part of a group on social media gives you some exclusivity and connection to a select few people. Once you create a group, you should join as many groups as you can. This platform allows you to be in 50 total groups. It’s good to find groups where your prospects are also part of the mix to build the authority and trustworthiness they are looking for when they are looking for a company to work with and buy from.

Claim Your Custom URL

You will have a special URL on LinkedIn that you should claim to offer an easy way to get connected with others. You can share this URL across other social platforms and on your website to make a quick and easy connection with potential customers and peers in your industry. Claiming this URL makes it more likely your profile will rank at the top of searches on Google.

Put the Numbers Game to Work for You

If you understand the power of conversion and marketing on this platform, you’ll realize there is a numbers game that you need to benefit from. For example, one user reaches out to nearly 2,000 potential clients in the middle of every week, about six of those will respond and two will become clients. This is how you grow a business and it can cost you a lot less than an older form of networking at conferences.

Connect then Build

Think of LinkedIn as dating, but not with the physical or emotional attraction. You connect with other professionals and share information with each other. As you get to know the people you connect with, you can begin to build a relationship with some of them. You might find some people don’t connect much while others are extremely active on this platform. Find that sweet spot and enjoy the relationships you create.

Spend Time Building Your Company Page

Show consistency between the company page of your website and the one you have on this social media platform. Your personal page can show some of the same images and logos as your company page, but your company page is extremely important. When a connection clicks on your company page on LinkedIn and then looks at your website homepage, they should see consistency.

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