Should You Put Visual Search to Work for Your Company?

Should You Put Visual Search to Work for Your Company?

How can you search for a product if you don’t know what it’s called? Visual search allows you to accomplish this task without text clues.

If you don’t want to walk up to the owner of a product and ask them what it is, you could simply take a picture of the item and allow the search to take place with the technology we have available today; that’s visual search.

Two Names, One Process

Whether you want to use the term visual or image-based for the search that you’re making, they are exactly the same thing. The question shouldn’t be as much wat to call it, but how it works. This search process uses real-world images such as screenshots, social media images, and photos to find the product and begin the search process that will bring you to a place where you can learn more.

A Search With Better Results

Typically, when you use keywords and text to search for products, services, and information, you’re going to receive results based on what you’ve input. The top results are exact matches to what you’ve used for your search process while other results could simply be related topics. If you’re unsure of what you want to find, you might get frustrated because your search will require several attempts before you receive the information desired.

With the use of visual search, items that have multiple attributes are easier to find because those factors are added to the search. Just think about a product that has eight or more defining characteristics and consider whether or not you would put all of those factors into your search. The likelihood of you searching for eight different features of a product is very slim, but a visual tool can do just that.

Your E-Commerce Brand Benefits from this Search

The use of artificial intelligence combined with pixelated images will create the specific search needed for the products sold on your e-commerce site. The comparison of pixels with the product images online will help customers find what they want. If your images are some that can be searched this way, more shoppers will be sent to your site and be able to purchase from your company.

Social Discovery Results from Visual Stimuli

Set up your social media channels to give customers direct shopping access to all of your social media platforms and you’re going to see growth from the younger consumers on your site. Using visual search, you’re offering the breakthrough avenue for sales on social media which makes it easy for you to become the preferred online store for more customers to find what they want.

The Spearfisher is the One Getting Caught

When customers are looking for a specific item, they are known as “spearfishers” and the specificity of their search can make it extremely difficult for them to find what they want. Thankfully, using visual elements will help them find exactly what they are looking for without the need to type out keywords and scroll through the results. When you integrate this type of search, you’ll quickly reach and engage with the customers looking for the single items from you.

Related Items are Presented to Shoppers

The use of visual search doesn’t always bring customers to the specific item they are looking for. When a particular company doesn’t have the item in stock, other, related items will be presented to them so they can select from a group of items that might meet their needs. This makes image-based searching an excellent cross-selling tool to increase sales for your company.

Still a Lot to Learn

Currently, searching using visual elements is relatively new and not being used across all platforms and all companies. While this search tool should explode and become one of the most widely used online in the near future, there’s still a lot to learn and several ways this search can be improved to give us the results needed. This might be one reason you hold off on adding this technology to your marketing right now.

Let Your Company Benefit or Follow the Path

Whether you choose to allow your business to grow and benefit from the use of visual search integrated into your marketing efforts, or you want to wait and let this technology grow, you can easily see the benefits. Any shopper that can simply snap a photo and be taken to a website for the product desired will make searching for products online much easier for customers going forward.

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