The Right Place to Start Your SEO Strategy

The Right Place to Start Your SEO Strategy

You’ve heard the term SEO, you know you need an SEO strategy, but do you know where to start? Let’s find a good starting point for success.

It can be overwhelming for a person who is new to online marketing to try and understand the terms and processes to creating an effective process for attracting more viewers to a website. This is the primary purpose of SEO. This term stands for Search Engine Optimization, and most of us rely on it every day when we use Google or any other searchengine.

The Current Steps to Creating the Right SEO Strategy

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to success with online marketing through SEO:

Start With the Keywords

When you type a search term into Google, you’re using words that are related to the subject you want to see. These terms are called keywords. You need to employ proper keyword research to find the words that make sense for your content. When you have a strong list of keywords, you can begin to build content that uses these terms naturally.

Analyze How the Keywords Are Being Used

Now that you know what keywords you want to use in your SEO strategy, you should see how they are being used on the web pages that show up at the top of Google. Review the top ten results when you enter the keywords you’re going to use and see if they show up in the titles, in the body of the content, in videos, or in the image descriptions.

Get Creativeand Make Something Better

When you’re looking at the top ten resultsfor your keywords, think about how you can make your content better and different from what you saw in the pages you reviewed. You need to get creative and build your content around your keyword, but it needs to be something original and better than whatyou found on these pages.

Add External Links to Your Content

Now that you have content that’s better and different from others, you need to add something that will give your content more authority with search engines and offer your readers more information. You can do this by adding an external link to a page that has more information about your topic. This is an important part of your SEO strategy and will give your pages higher rankings.

Optimize On the Page

You need to optimize your content for On-Page SEO to allow for better ranking and more relevance. You can do this with an internal link, which is linking a similar page from your website, using the keywords in the URL, and employing similar keywords that can add more to your content. All three are important to makeyour content rank high and give you the relevance you’re looking for.

Consider the Intent of the User

What is the target audience of your content? Does that audience match that of the keyword you’ve chosen? When you reviewed the top ten pages that were listed for that keyword, did they have something in common? That commonality is the intent of the user and should be considered in what you offer. Your SEO strategy must include the search intent of the user which means understanding how much information to offer and what they’re looking for.

Improve the Look of Your Content

If all you offer your searchers areparagraphs of text, you’re not going to have very many users that want to visit your website.You need images, you need videos, you need graphs, you need to give them the visual experience that’s supported by the text. When you improve your content with visual items that will give users small bites of your information along the way, they are more likely to stay on your page and enjoy all of your content.

Build Links to the Page

This is one of the toughest steps in your SEO strategy. You need to rely on other pages to help you build links that will lead users back to your pages. You cando this by searching for broken links that were used for outdated content and ask to replace them, you can analyze the competition and see what links you can use, and you can ask bloggers in your industry to link to your pages.

Improve Your Content and Start the Process Again

The content you’ve created can be refreshed periodically with new images, new links, and updated videos. You don’t have to create new text every time you want to use the same keyword. When a page is not ranking as high as you’d like any longer, it may be time for a refresh to give it a boost.

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