• Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

Honesty really counts for today’s savvy consumers. They’re becoming increasingly skeptical about brands and instinctively know when companies are being disingenuous, especially online.

That’s where influencers have filled a niche and pretty much taken over. These online personalities have managed to connect personally with consumers in ways advertisers can never hope to match.

And that’s why brands are getting their message out through influencers in what’s becoming an increasingly crowded and competitive content race.

The power of Influencers grows

Influencers are powerful brand ambassadors and are renowned for only promoting products they believe in. Their authentic and genuine enthusiasm for a product and brand is obvious to followers and they can deliver a message and reach and engage with consumers in a direct way. They’re offering honest reviews and then asking their audience for feedback. Better still they listen and act upon the responses. That’s why they’ve become so important in the digital marketing sphere, and so…influential.

More than 30% of consumers value the trustworthiness of influencers over the number of followers they may have. And it’s interesting to note there are more influencers now than ever before and the majority are females.

Audience Interaction

Influencers have figured out that their audiences want to experience rather than just passively watch or see something. They’re constantly trying to listen and respond to what audiences need and relate to in terms of content. Influencers also recognize the necessity of engagement and are utilizing social media tools to open up a conversation with their followers.

Influencer-friendly Interactive Social Media Tools

Instagram polls –this is a feature influencers use to easily connect with audiences –which in turn benefits brands that can gather valuable feedback from consumers. Instagram has also added more interactive features influencers like to use to further engage with their followers. Stories Questions Sticker –the‘ask me anything feature’ is popular with influencers. It allows you to add the question sticker to your Instagram stories, and once you’ve composed a prompt you can share it with your story and followers can ask questions. The answers and responses can then be featured on the influencer’s story. This generates pretty much instant engagement. Many users also like to create and host a live or daylong Q&A on whatever topic they’ve chosen to cover.

There are numerous tools and tricks influencers use to engage with their audiences, and social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are recognizing the power of the influencer community and responding to their needs and desire to connect directly with their audiences.

Influencers have proven emphatically that interaction with an audience is vital and content that offers active rather than passive experiences, is the wave of the future.