Sedans Are Worth A Push


Auto dealers find themselves in a tough spot these days. With a delay in parts, lack of finished new vehicles, and rise in used car prices, shoppers feel like they don’t have many options.

This means that dealerships have to adapt their approach to helping shoppers find quality cars that fit their needs and lifestyle.

One approach that can help weather the current inventory shortage storm is to push sedans.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

The current market is one where shoppers don’t have a lot of options. Popular vehicles like SUVs, pickup trucks, and electric vehicles are in such high demand that people have to sit on a long waitlist to get the newest model. While some shoppers aren’t in a hurry for their new ride, others are in a more desperate position.

Sedans used to be the most popular family vehicle on the road. Small crossovers and SUVs have since taken over as the preferred family option. Many manufacturers are making fewer cars these days to meet the increasing need for SUVs. That being said, most auto dealerships still have a healthy supply of new and used sedans on their lot. This collection comes from trade-ins over the years, along with newer options that haven’t been sold yet.

If a family is in need of a new or another vehicle, a sedan might be the only available option. That means those Toyota, Honda, and Nissan cars on your lot could be your salvation during these rough times.

Sedans Still Have a Lot To Offer

Your mission, if you’re trying to sell those Nissan cars, for example, on your lot, is to help shoppers see the value in owning a sedan. In many cases, you have to convince shoppers that owning a sedan today is better than waiting on (or overpaying for) an SUV tomorrow.

Luckily, there are a few major points you can make via conversations with your customers as well as posts on your social media platforms.

Better Gas Mileage

During tough times when everyone is tightening their belts, finding ways to save money is key. Driving a car with excellent gas mileage is an easy way to save. If you’re looking at Nissan cars, for example, the flagship Altima earns 30 mpg highway/city combined. That is miles ahead of any SUV on the market.

A Safer Drive

There’s a common misconception that SUVs are somehow safer because they are generally larger. While SUVs do offer a better view of the road, they aren’t automatically safer. In fact, Consumer Reports actually suggests that some Nissan cars have better visibility than SUVs of comparable sizes.
It’s also worth noting that SUVs are typically top-heavy and more likely to roll versus a sedan. Modern sedans are also full of safety features and an exceptionally balanced ride.

Get More From Your Dollar

To build a bigger vehicle like an SUV or pickup truck, manufacturers need to use more materials. That means higher production costs. Throw in higher fuel costs, and SUVs have tons of high costs. Sedans, on the other hand, have lower overall costs on top of a more attractive price tag. That’s even more true with the discounts afforded to used Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Nissan cars.

Spread The Word

As a dealership with sedans available and waiting for their forever homes, your job is to promote these vehicles as cost-effective, safe, and capable options. Use your social media channels to show what is available on your lot. The best part of using the various social media channels is that you can highlight your inventory in real-time.

Don’t let inventory shortages give you the blues. Focus shoppers on what’s available today and get those used Nissan cars back out into the world.

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