Best Advertising Tips For Reaching a Younger Audience

Best Advertising Tips For Reaching a Younger Audience

The younger audience is growing up and they have grown with technology at their fingertips every single day.

While older generations were mesmerized by the Commodore 64, Atari Game System, or computers that took up an entire room, the younger adults today have computers in their pockets. How can you advertise to this audience and know they will see what you have to offer and be more inclined to engage with your company?

Design is Extremely Important

Because younger customers have grown up in a world of graphics that are nearly life-like, you can’t get by with subpar designs and shoddy images. You have to give them quality visual elements to the advertising you offer. It’s worth the additional cost and effort to provide this audience with the graphics and elements they are looking for when you’re trying to bring them to your website.

Create Content that Relates to Your Younger Audience

If your advertising is filled with references from the 1950s, it’s going to go over the heads of your younger viewers. Create content that uses trending movements, fresh references, and the social media platforms that your customers are using. This means posting images and videos on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. This will help you connect with this audience and give them content they can easily relate to.

Put Your Audience Into your Social Media Posts

Rather than hiring actors or using your company team, use your actual customers and let them become social media stars. This will give them something exciting to share with their friends and family and will give that extended audience something more to relate to you and your company. The best advertising has always been word of mouth and with your customers as your mouthpiece, you can get the message across easily.

Stop Selling, Just Present It

The younger audience of today has more options than any previous generation ever had. Instead of trying pushy sales tactics that don’t work, present your products and services in a way that they can see the benefits and understand how they could enjoy using these items. You can showcase the experience a user can have and potentially add VR or AR advertising to the mix when this technology is more mainstream.

Mobile-First is a Must with this Audience

Most of the younger customers you have are not going home to type on a computer and waiting to search online for things they need. They are whipping out their mobile device, typically a smartphone, and using that tool to search. If your website and advertising aremobile-first, it will appeal to this younger audience. If not, there’s a chance they will move on to a site that is.

Be Innovative in Your Approach to Advertising

Build on the ideas that have been used for advertising in the past and show your new audience something they haven’t seen before. Rather than start an ad in a typical fashion, offer a statement of engagement, an interesting question, or a snippet of a video that might entice views to stick around and see more. The more innovative and intriguing your advertising is, the sooner your audience will be hooked.

Get to Know the Celebrities They Follow

If you’re looking for an influencer in your industry and you want to reach a younger audience, you need to make sure that influencer is one they will follow and listen to. A hot YouTuber might be more impactful than an actor or athlete could be and help you get your message across to these new customers.

Be Instantly Responsive to Messages

As often as possible, you need to respond quickly to messages and questions received in person. If you cannot do so, make sure your automatic message system can give an expected message timeframe to your audience to let them know when someone at your company will get back to them. This helps build your authenticity with your younger customers and will help make your company the one they want to work with.

Bring Your Message Home with Videos

The younger audience you’re trying to reach is watching videos every day. You can type out web pages, add excellent images, have the right message, but if you aren’t using videos, you’re going to lose many of these younger shoppers. Answer questions, explain the use of products, or showcase services through your videos and allow your viewers to engage and enjoy what you have to offer them.

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