• Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

3 Essential Gadgets for Rideshare Drivers

Driving for a rideshare company can offer many benefits including a flexible schedule, unlimited income potential, and the opportunity to run your own business. With that in mind, investing in gadgets that can improve each ride is an investment in yourself and your business.

Dual-Dash Camera

There are many risks when out on the road and the importance of having a dash camera becomes increasingly important every day. A dashcam that records what’s happening on the road in front of your vehicle can protect you in the case of an accident or other incident that occurs outside the vehicle. That being said, having visibility of the interior of the vehicle is equally as important if there is a report or incident through the rideshare company. The AUTO-VOX A1 Uber Stream Media Mirror Dash Cam might be our favorite, as it’s a 3-in-1 rearview mirror with a rotating camera. Garmin, EACHPAI, and BlackVue also offer comparable models at great prices. Features to look for: Rotating cameras, LCD screens, live-streaming, and of course an app that’s easy-to-use.

Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets aren’t exactly a new gadget, but if you’ve ever been driving and trying to find a passenger while also navigating around unknown streets, you know how important it is to have a hands-free device that is easy to use and offers crystal-clear sound quality. There are several brands that stand-out from the infinite range of options, such as Jabra, Poly (formerly Plantronics), and Bose®.

Within those brands, there are many choices when it comes to style, but a single ear headset is typically better to ensure that you aren’t unable to hear sounds outside of the vehicle that might warn you of potential hazards. When comparing models, it’s always important to take into consideration battery life, connectivity, comfort, and how “hands-free” the device truly is, such as being able to answer calls by voice as opposed to pushing a button.

Magnetic Phone Mount

Let’s face it, your smartphone is at the epicenter of your rideshare gadget world and needs to be in a convenient, but safe place while you’re driving. Finding a good mount is key to ensuring that your phone is in reach to accept and end rides without being distracting. Finding a mount that allows for ongoing charging is just as important, as everyone knows that the apps will drain that battery and a dead phone means that your day of driving has just been cut short. As with the other tools we’ve mentioned, there are many options with phone mounts.

The key is finding out that fits your device, can mount on a variety of surfaces, and allows for flexibility such as rotating or easily re-mounting if needed. We’ve found that WizGear, SCOSCHE, and BesTrix offer a range of models that offer the best features at great prices.

Get the Tools You Need

Now that you’ve learned more about the essential gadgets for rideshare drivers, it’s easy to see how these tools can improve each and every drive. Investing in a dual-dash camera, a solid Bluetooth® headset, and a magnetic car mount is investing in your business.

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