Drive into the Future with Tesla’s Advanced Electric Vehicles

Drive into the Future with Tesla's Advanced Electric Vehicles

Should you own a Tesla electric vehicle? This brand is now one of the oldest in the EV world, which is saying a lot and a little at the same time.

Tesla might not be a legacy automaker, but they have been making electric vehicles much longer than most other brands in the market. Only the Nissan Leaf predates the Tesla Model S, which was the first mass-market model from this EV automaker. Although there are many new and impressive EVs heading to the market, it might make the most sense for you to drive a vehicle from this brand that is quickly becoming a legacy name in the EV world.

Do you want to leave gas prices behind?

Gas prices tend to fluctuate with the wind. One day the price is under $3.00 per gallon, and the next, you see it’s jumped thirty or forty cents overnight. This makes it extremely difficult to plan your driving and rely on a budgeted amount for fuel. If you use your vehicle for deliveries, this can be a serious problem that’s hard to overcome. When you don’t have to pay for gas, but only for electricity, you’ll pay a lot less and can see the savings in your monthly electric bill.

Would you like to leave regular maintenance behind?

Most Tesla electric vehicles require very little maintenance during ownership. EVs inherently have fewer moving parts and don’t require some of the same fluids as gas-powered vehicles. This means you won’t need to worry about oil changes, fuel filters, spark plugs, or some of the other maintenance items that you face every time you take your car in for service. The regenerative braking system found in EVs also helps save the brakes.

Are you looking for a car with advanced safety features?

Most modern cars come with much better safety features than previous models, but EVs are taking things much farther. EVs include much more advanced technology than traditional gas-powered machines, ensuring they have more electronic safety features and collision avoidance features to give you the safe feeling you want when you’re behind the wheel. The impressive array of cameras and sensors help you stay safer in any modern EV, especially one made by Tesla.

Are you searching for an eco-friendly car?

Although there are arguments for and against the mining processes for EVs and information that discusses the troubles with burning coal for electricity, Tesla electric vehicles car zero-emission vehicles and help to contribute positively to the environment. Studies show that it only takes two years of driving EVs to surpass the environmental challenges of the mining processes, even if that EV is powered entirely by electricity that’s been sourced by burning coal for energy. Some companies are studying methods of recycling old batteries to ensure raw metals don’t go to waste.

Would you like a car with instant acceleration?

The Tesla Model S Plaid is an insanely quick car off the line. This car can hit 60 mph in 1.99 seconds, which makes it the quickest production vehicle on the road. The other three Tesla EVs also rocket to highway speeds in a hurry, with the Model X hitting 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, the Model 3 doing the run in 3.1 seconds, and the Model Y bringing up the rear at 3.5 seconds.

Tesla builds in automatic features for driving and parking

The Tesla Autopilot system utilizes eight surround cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors to help you enjoy a hands-free driving experience on most roads. You still need to keep your attention on the road, but you can relax your hands and feet for a little while. These sensors and cameras utilize the safety systems to steer your car in the right direction, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and change lanes for an exit. You can also allow your Tesla electric vehicle to park for you automatically.

Tesla EVs are pretty cool

Love them or hate them, when you see a Tesla you typically turn your head and look in that direction. These are some of the most attractive cars on the road. If you’re looking for modern and futuristic styling the minimalistic interior, wide and accessible touchscreen, and unique exterior make these vehicles look great. You’ll also find Sentry Mode which records others around your car when its parked, Bioweapon Defense Mode, which keeps the cabin area clean using a HEPA filter, and Dog Mode, which keeps the interior cool when your dog is waiting for you to finish shopping.

Will you drive a Tesla electric vehicle? These seven reasons could put a Tesla EV in your driveway.

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