Kickin’ It with Kicks – How Nissan Plans to Support Music Education with a Compact Crossover


If you’re a student in the Nashville, TN, area and like good cars and better music, Nissan created a contest just for you! On October 19th, Chief Marketing Manager Nick Reese announced the Kickin’ It with Kicks campaign -a campaign designed to help music students in Nashville break into or improve their careers in the music industry while supporting their studies.

Below you can find out more about the campaign and what Nissan dealers are participating in it or have Nissan Kicks for sale near you.

Nissan Wants to Make the Most of Education and Transportation

According to Reese, Nissan entered Nashville -which he calls Music City -in 2006 and immediately became part of the music scene in the area. The company was inspired to try to bring the same emotion music had to the products they sent out to Nissan dealers across the country.

One such product was the Nissan Kicks, which became today’s branch between the automotive world and the music industry.

What Makes the Nissan Kicks Unique

Nissan Kicks is a $20,000 compact crossover SUV with more than enough tech, power, and safety for aspiring music students to get where they need to go in style. Nissan Safety Shield 360 is standard on all new Kicks, along with Apple CarPlay and Andriod Auto capability with multiple USB ports.

Notably, the Nissan Kicks has a Bose Personal Plus audio system with speakers on the headrest on the driver’s side to give you music from all directions. No wonder, then, that it was chosen to be the car students used in the Kickin’ It with Kicks campaign.

The Kickin’ It with Kicks Campaign

Students majoring in music or the performing arts are selected by Nissan and given a branded Nissan Kicks, a Bose S1 Pro portable Bluetooth PA speaker, and the natural landscape of Nashville to create their own music videos. According to Nissan’s announcement, six students will be selected to participate.

The goal of these six students is to create a music video using the Kicks crossover and submit it to Nissan. The videos can also be found on social media by searching or following #KickinItWithKicks.

Once all six students have submitted their videos, Nissan employees will vote on their favorite. The winner of the vote gets $1,000 to put toward their education in addition to the ability to jumpstart their career in music and performance through participating in the campaign.

More specifics about what Nissan dealers are participating in the campaign, how to join it, and the results will be available soon. In the meantime, check out #KickinItWithKicks on your favorite social media app to see Nashville’s talented music students in action. Or you can visit your local Nissan dealer to learn more about the Nissan Kicks and ask about the campaign in person!

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