Chevy Colorado Trucks are Rolling Off the Line Unfinished

Chevy ColoradoTrucks are Rolling Off the Line Unfinished

A different strategy, to keep the Chevy Colorado assembly line moving, was adopted by GM with this popular midsize truck.

The Colorado has become one of the most sought-after vehicles in the market, and customers don’t want to wait for the full assembly to take place. GM adopted a “build-shy” strategy during the summer months while waiting for the missing microchips to arrive so these trucks could be completed.

What was the “Build Shy” Strategy

There’s a lot more to making a vehicle than just the microchips, which have been in short supply around the automotive industry for a long time. What GM chose to do was build the entire truck and then park it at the assembly plants while waiting for the missing chips so that these trucks could be finished. When the chips arrived, these trucks were then completed.

It was reported that more than 8,000 Chevy Colorado models were missing the microchips and were parked at the assembly plants around the Midwest. After the first few days of June, 5,000 of these trucks were then finished and shipped to dealers. These trucks rolled off the assembly line unfinished but were then completed once the chips arrived. As the supply chain of microchips is normalized, GM expects production to normalize across the board by 2022.

Why Make the Vehicle Without the Chips?

Did GM take a big chance by building vehicles and parking them while waiting on microchips to arrive? Unless another massive shutdown caused by labor issues or a natural disaster took place at one of the plants making the microchips, GM made the right choice. Having vehicles ready to go with only the chips to be installed before shipping them out meant jobs were saved, and GM was able to refill orders and dealer needs faster than some of the other automakers.

Why the Chevy Colorado?

Since it returned to the market, the Colorado has become the top model to drive in the midsize truck segment. Once this truck returned, we’ve seen all of the other midsize trucks either emerge from the ashes, redesigned and rebuilt, or added to the market. Think about it, before the Colorado came back, we didn’t have the new Honda Ridgeline, Jeep Gladiator, new Ford Ranger, or the Hyundai Santa Cruz. It’s easy to see the return of GM models in this class caused an avalanche.

Not only was GM responsible for revitalizing a segment of the truck market that was nearly dead by offering the new version of the Chevy Colorado, but those trucks that were still being made have had to improve as well. While the GM, Dodge, and Ford midsize trucks were not being offered in North America, the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier were resting on their laurels and happy to plod along without much of an investment. Now, these trucks have been improved as well, creating a more competitive market.

The Right Colorado is Being Built for You

Which version of this Chevy truck will be the one you want to drive? Are you looking for a truck that has off-road qualities to take you out into the wilderness, or do you want this truck to be easy to drive on the roads every day? The Colorado is capable of every driving situation you’re looking for, and the model that will be right for you is heading to your local Chevy dealer right now. This is a truck that you know will give you the power and performance you’re after, with tons of great options for you to include in your vehicle.

Will You Pick the Trail Boss Package

Famous on the Silverado, the Chevy Colorado now has a Trail Boss package that can be right for you to have the equipment you’re looking for. This package is available for the 4WD models of the LT and Z71 trims. It brings you skid plates, a one-inch front leveling kit, and a rugged appearance package to give you a truck that looks and feels so much better when you head out on the trails.

Your Colorado is on the Way

With production continuing for the Colorado and the smart “build shy” strategy employed by GM, the truck you want to drive is either already at your local dealer or it will be soon. If you’ve been thinking about the truck you should drive and wanted to wait out the microchip shortage; the wait is over. Head over to your nearby Chevy location and find the Colorado that has everything you want for your drive today.

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