• Thu. Mar 4th, 2021
Vibedration hydration backpacks

As anyone who has ever attended music festival an all weekend rave can tell you, hydration can become a bit of an issue. During Woodstock, in 1969, the heat of August would have been a significant problem for concert-goers. However, Mother Nature dropped over five inches of rain at the festival.

By Woodstock in 1999, the crowds rioted because they were charging $4 per bottle of water. Temperatures during, what was supposed to be the 30th anniversary of the iconic concert weekend were into the hundreds. There was little, if any, natural shade and not enough bathrooms for all of the attendees. The crowds, in suffering through the dramatic heat, essentially decided to use benefit candles to burn the place down. That concert ended tragically with over ten thousand people who needed medical attention. It all started because of asinine hygiene facilities and high hydration.


An argument begins to present itself. How Vibedration is changing the music festival scene since the advent of Vibedration’s hydration backpacks, festival-goers and ravers are taking their hydration needs into their own hands. Assisting in the elimination of price gouging vendors overcharging kids for bottled water. When you choose the greedy vendors out of the mix of all-day festivals, you create an atmosphere where people can show up and enjoy themselves without the dangers of dehydration.

Vibedration, a company established in California just four short years ago. Makes hydration backpacks featuring 1.5 liter, 2 liter, or 3-liter bladders. Great for hydration during extended exposure to the elements at all-day music festivals or all-night raves. Yes, it’s something that Camelbak has been doing for a long time. However, Vibedration has joined the scene to fill the needs of the hippie and raver subcultures correctly. They’ve made their packs so these people can enjoy the shows and not worry about shelling out ridiculous sums of money for their safe hydration.

Music Festivals

Whether you’re looking to attend this year’s Coachella festival in April to check out artists like Eminem, Beyonce, or The Weeknd. If you’re headed out to Camp Bisco in New York to check out the latest show from the Disco Biscuits, you’re going to need water. The April weather in Indio, California, where Coachella has held averages, 90-degree temps, during the day. When you combine extreme heat with getting into the groove, you create a recipe for disaster in terms of hydration.

What Vibedration is doing is providing concert-going kids the access to water that they’ll need. All contained in stylish backpacks that won’t overburden them with carrying around huge bottles of water. They’ve allowed these festival attendees to enjoy the freedom of the natural motion of dance, without risking their health by becoming dehydrated. If you decide to duck into Burning Man at the end of August this year in the desert of Nevada. Obviously the heat and water consumption are going to be a concern, or they would have been if Vibedration hadn’t made their way to the festival scene. Now it’s easy to enjoy Austin CityLimits or Bonnaroo without worrying about burning up or becoming parched during the day. Strap on your Vibedration hydration pack, and don’t worry about carrying multiple bottles of water to your next event!

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