Dig Deeper for Better Automotive Social Media Ideas

Dig Deeper for Better Automotive Social Media Ideas

We’ve all seen the automotive social media posts that include inventory pics and features and we’re pretty tired of them.

While these posts are necessary for you to bring your inventory to your potential audience and will give you the visibility you desire, there are ways to engage an audience by going beyond the basics. You still want to showcase your inventory, facility, and team, but it’s time to dig deeper and take things several steps further.

Share Content Related to Your Products and Services

What type of vehicles do you sell at your dealership? Can they be used for more than simply commuting to and from work? Add content to your social accounts that showcase vehicles that you sell being used by real people. This could be an SUV or truck on the trails, a luxury car out for a night on the town, or a minivan taking a family on their annual vacation.

Create Poll Questions that Go Farther

Rather than only offering polls that ask about cars and the features offered ask questions that give people the idea of using vehicles for something fun. You could find out what percentage of your audience is planning a vacation to the beach, mountains, or an amusement park. Ask what vehicles are being used for weekend fun and include these in your automotive social media posts.

Make Your New Car Announcements More Fun

You’ve gotten new models in at the dealership and you probably announced information about the vehicle to your social audience. Another way to bring excitement around this new model is to show the first customers to buy one of these vehicles, offer a special item for the first ten customers that choose the new vehicle, or show this vehicle when it’s out for a test drive.

Share Some Secrets Through Your Automotive Social Media

Are there things that you and your team keep secret from your customers? What does it really mean when a salesperson says they are going to talk to the manager? How much can a customer expect to save on a new vehicle? Share some special information with your audience and let them feel like they are being brought into the family.

Get Candid With Your Favorite Lunch Spots

Part of being a car dealership is being active in the community and creating partnerships. You could give recommendations to your audience regarding the place to enjoy their lunch. Take one of your vehicles and enjoy creating a candid video as you enjoy lunch at one of your favorite local places. Show off the team at the restaurant and let your audience know they should visit that location for a meal.

Holiday Posts Gone Wild

You’re going to show off your dealership sales during holidays and try to bring in more customers when they are off work celebrating a federally granted day of work, but you can do a lot more with these days. Use your automotive social media to showcase organizations that need donations, volunteers, and talented individuals to help. No matter the holiday, this type of attention can bring more help to those that need your time and energy.

Make Trivia Contests With Your Previous Posts as the Answers

Lots of car dealers add vehicle trivia to the mix to offer customers something fun to do, but you can reward your audience for paying attention by having a trivia contest with answers from your previous posts. Reward those that have paid attention to what you bring them every week and increase your overall engagement level with these contests.

Create a Community Scavenger Hunt

Ask your audience to submit photos of vehicles that you sell around town at specific locations. Make this a weekly contest and offer a prize for the winner. This is a great way to gain some free publicity and a collection of photos that can be used in future posts. Your audience can have some fun and you’ll enjoy the increased engagement with your automotive social media.

Showcase the Life of Your Customers

Do you have customers that have visited your dealership many times? Do they trust your sales and service teams with their vehicle every time they need maintenance performed? Sit down and interview some of these customers, showcase some events from their lives, and let them become the star of the show. Celebrate the uniqueness that comes with the loyal customers you have visiting your dealership on a regular basis.

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