How Video Marketing Can Help You Sell Cars

How Video Marketing Can Help You Sell Cars

When you want advice about a product or to learn how to do something, where do you turn? Video marketing for these services is the answer.

You might not think you’re turning to this type of marketing, but how often during a tutorial do you need to sit through an ad or the host telling you about their services? This almost always happens. Shouldn’t you use video to market your dealership and bring more viewers to the content you can share? Of course, you should. If you’re not sure how to do this, we have some tips for you.

What Types of Videos Should You Create?

You’re marketing your dealership through video, but you don’t want to only offer funny videos of your team doing silly things. You should have these on your list, but your video marketing needs to include things that will educate your viewers and make them want to stay and watch the video all the way to the end. Here are some additional suggestions:

Day in the Life of Your Staff

Use a few different videos throughout the day to show what it’s like to work at your dealership. You can use videos taken in the service department, sales area, finance department, or out on the lot. These can be done to tell customers you’re bored and want them to visit or to show what a busy place your dealership can be. Keep the message upbeat and positive throughout and show some of your customers that visit, with their permission, of course. If you don’t feel that a single day captures enough, put a whole week into it and let it become a weekly series that airs every Friday for your loyal viewers on various social media networks.

Take Customers on a Virtual Test Drive

This is something you can do for every vehicle model you sell. When you receive a few of the cars, have your team take one on a test drive with video playing during the drive. The person driving should talk about the features and the feel of the ride while you’re out on the road. These virtual test drives can help bring more customers to your location, especially if you make them available to the viewers whenever they visit your website to see some of the models you have in stock,

Show Your Dealership Through Video Tours

Take a video tour of the models in stock and add that to the listing for each car. You don’t have to take these vehicles out on the road; simply show them and their features in a video tour that allows your audience to enjoy some of the features of a vehicle while sitting on the lot. Part of the virtual tour part of your video marketing could be to create how-to videos regarding maintenance, car shopping, or financing.

Let Your Audience Meet Your Team

Even though they are only seeing them through videos, if you show your team members and let them become part of the videos, your customers gain a comfort level with your dealership. Create videos that allow them to see what you’ve got to offer and how you can help them while telling them about your team. This is where some of those fun, personal videos come in handy to help bring more people the entertainment they want to enjoy.

Offer Personal Video Tours as an Option

While this isn’t part of your video marketing, you can offer to take your customers on a tour of the vehicles or products they are interested in buying as part of the sales process. This is a good way to help these shoppers decide if they want to buy the item you have in stock. Your team can introduce themselves through these videos, which could be done using any of the meeting apps that are popular right now.

Where Should Your Videos Appear?

You have three main locations where your videos should appear. You need a collection for your website, your social media accounts, and your YouTube account. There are different videos needed for each of these locations, giving you the video marketing presence needed to support your dealership.

Which Videos Should be on Your Website?

Those customers looking for a vehicle to buy just might enjoy seeing that vehicle on the road or during a virtual tour. Your website is where they could find that model and want to learn more. You’ll attract the attention of this audience if you avoid the sales speak during these videos and only tell them about the vehicle. You can end with the price, but don’t make it the highlight of the video.

You Need Lots of Videos for Social Media

Add videos to Facebook and Instagram regularly to show your team what’s going on at your dealership. Add some sales videos, but make sure you have a good mix to create the best engagement levels possible with your audience. When using social media, it’s important to be consistent and post videos regularly. If you tell your audience you’ll have a weekly video for them to watch, you need to deliver on that message.

You’ve Got to Have Videos on YouTube

Your YouTube channel is a great place to bring people to see what you’re offering. You can create a how-to series, offer car buying tips, tell them about your dealership, and go over some of the cars you’ve got in stock. The variety is endless, making this the hub for your video marketing campaign. Bring some SEO optimization to your posts and see how quickly and easily your potential customers find you.

Video Marketing is a Must for Car Dealers

More people use videos for information than ever before. You’ve got to deliver your message quickly and concisely to ensure views stay on your videos to the end. When you put together a great strategy that includes videos, you’re giving your audience a chance to get to know you and your team, which can improve sales and give you a leg up on your competition.

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