The Next Nissan Z Car is In the Works

There were rumors, although only light ones, that the next version of a Z car from Nissan would be an SUV. The popularity of compact crossover SUVs has made us think that every vehicle that we’ve grown to know and love would eventually transform into a vehicle that rides higher and is capable of handling trails. If this is the direction the Z car from Nissan were to go, it would mark the end of an era for this sports car and usher in uncharted waters for a name that’s been associated with fun.

Nissan is Working to Honor Tradition

Recently, there has been some news regarding the next Z car. It seems that the Nissan team will, in fact, create a new Z car, but it won’t be an SUV or a crossover. Instead, the person in charge of making the next generation of this iconic vehicle is Alfonso Albaisa and he seems to have a firm grasp on what the Z car is supposed to be from Nissan. While he’s been feeling the pressure of what to do and how to create the right sports car, it seems his mind and heart are in the right place.

The Mindset of a Creator

Albaisa has been responsible for some of the most attractive vehicles that have come out of the Nissan family. He is the person responsible for the Infiniti Q60 and the Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept, which makes him an ideal candidate for what the next Z Car could be. In addition to creating these exceptional models, he’s also shown a love for the original 240Z which he deems as “unforgettable” and the impressive simplicity of the 300ZX. If these cars are part of his inspiration for the next Z car, it seems we’re going to be in good hands when it comes to what this car will be.

Pitfalls to Avoid

It’s important that the next Z car be one that continues to keep up the traditions that we’ve seen with many of the Z cars of the past. It’s possible this new car could be made too heavy, too powerful, or too expensive. Thankfully, with the thoughts of the 240Z and the 300ZX in mind, and the recent traditions of the 350Z and 370Z, there’s a better than good chance that we’re going to see a special car that we can love.

What do we Want in This Car?

We want a new Z car that keeps with the traditions of old and retains the raw characteristics of the 350Z and 370Z along with the finely tuned suspension and affordable pricing. If there’s one item that’s on the “nice to have” list, it would be a manual transmission that would give us the chance to have a car that offers an even more traditional feeling than what the Z car has offered us recently. We’ll have to wait and see if this is what we get when it’s time to have the new Z car as the one we want to drive.

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