How the LQ Will Get Lexus in the SUV Game

How the LQ Will Get Lexus in the SUV Game

Lexus has tired of other brands and their flagship SUV models, which is why the Lexus LQ will be ready to take on all challengers.

The top of the Lexus lineup has often been a stately sedan, the LS comes to mind, and recently a sporty coupe, the LC, but once the release of a new SUV arrives, the top of the Lexus lineup will be occupied by an SUV for the first time. The LQ is ready to be the big and bold luxury SUV that you’ll want to drive instead of other flagship models.

From Concept to Production

Lexus has offered us the LX for several years, but this SUV has always felt a bit lacking when compared to other top SUV models. The LQ will be a range-topping crossover that will put thoughts of the LX behind us. The concept model we saw a few years ago, the LF-1 Limitless concept, is the vehicle that will become the new LQ. We expect to see some of the features and qualities this concept model gave us when it made its way to the state and showed what a luxury SUV should have.

Structurally, We Know What We’re Getting

As you find with most crossover SUVs, the Lexus LQ will be an SUV that will share a platform with a sedan. That sedan is the flagship LS model that will underpin this new model and offer us the right size and with the roominess and driving qualities you want in a flagship crossover SUV. The platform of this new SUV is the TNGA-L platform which is used for the LS and LC models.

To date, an SUV has not been built on this rear-drive-based architecture, but now is the time for the LQ to show us what can be made for this SUV. You can expect to see room between the ground and the underside of the SUV, which should measure 8.5 inches to give you some off-road size and make the addition of optional AWD an important item that you might want to add to your vehicle.

This new SUV is expended to use the LS powertrain, which means you should see a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that makes 416 horsepower, a hybrid powertrain rated at 354 horsepower, and a twin-turbocharged V8 in the F performance model that could make more than 600 horsepower for your drive.

The LQ Cabin will Give You the Experience You Desire

When you step inside this new Lexus SUV, you’ll find an experience that should give you some of what you found when the LF-1 showed up on the state. The LED light show is part of the experience and will likely be present in the LQ. The latest version of the Lexus infotainment will likely also make an appearance in this new SUV, giving you the intuitive and impressive controls that you want when you’re out on the road.

Will this be the SUV to Rejuvenate the Brand

Lexus has always been a highly-respected luxury brand, but its sales numbers have been declining in recent years. The peak of sales took place in 2015 with 344,601 models sold in the US market, but since that time, sales have dropped off to a mark of fewer than 300,000 miles for two consecutive years. Without a true competitor in the luxury crossover flagship market, Lexus has been missing out on sales and profit opportunities. Hopefully, the addition of the Lexus LQ SUV will change the tide and bring their sales numbers back up to the range experienced in 2015.

Design Cues Come from the Stablemates

Instead of simply creating an SUV design for the new LQ, Lexus is taking some of the design elements from the LS and LC to give this SUV a sporty and impressive look. Toss in some of the elements of the LF-1 Limitless concept, and you’ll see an SUV that is stunning, stylish, filled with quality luxury elements, and ready to drive. This SUV should arrive with a low profile, high stance, aggressive features, and plenty of power to give you a vehicle that’s made to take you where you’ll want to go.

Will You Drive the Lexus LQ?

Is the Lexus LQ going to be the SUV that you want to take out for a drive and enjoy every day? If you’re looking at the other flagship SUV models in the market, this is an easy choice for you, and the LQ can be the ideal vehicle for you to drive. Once it arrives, we’ll likely get to spend some time comparing it to other models in the market.

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