More than a New Logo for the GM Military Division

More than a New Logo for the GM Military Division

There’s a new trademark application that’s been designed and added to the mix for the GM Military Division which is part of the future.

The plan to bring back the military unit has grown over the past few years and seems to have gained incredible traction as the company has been developing a variety of models that will be able to perform in battlefield environments which can be extremely unpredictable. This could mean more for the masses as well, but first, it’s more for the military that we’re focused on.

The New Logo is Ready

For the past couple of years, the GM team has been developing hydrogen-powered vehicles which are fuel cell models for the Department of Defense and more specifically for the US Army. This could be part of why the GM Defense, the name of the new division, has a logo with the Army star as part of the graphics that we see and the fact that this logo is simple but effectively communicated to be an amazing symbol of the defense development of vehicles that will eventually be sent into battlefield situations in the future.

Going Silent with GM Hydrogen-Powered Machines

The new project that’s been started includes a Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure (SURUS) which is a vehicle that has a heavy-duty chassis that could be the foundation for many vehicles. As other companies look to create platforms that can be used widely that are smaller and more dynamic, this group has to focus on the pure power and toughness of what these military models will need to be and the build that’s required. These massive builds will have the benefit of the commercial fuel cell solutions that can solve some of the real-world problems faced on the battlefield.

The GM Military Division has a History

This new GM Defense program will certainly allow the military to have the benefit of the development of what this company can do. The GM Defense division was a long-term part of what was offered for many years until the program was sold to General Dynamics Corp in 2003. Now that GM has begun to develop the future military vehicles that will be used, recreating the GM Defense program isn’t difficult at all and will certainly become an incredible part of what this company offers to those who are charged with the job of defending our nation.

Continued Partnership with the GM Military Division

Since the 2003 sale of the GM Defense program, GM has sold powertrain components to the US military, but the fact they are creating a new GM Defense program means they are getting serious about taking on some of the US government contracts that are offered. This new business structure will allow GM to enhance its productivity, agility, and affordability in the market and make it easy to have the pride in providing the right vehicles to the military personnel around the world. The future is bright for this division of GM and will certainly be a sustainable growth program that’s necessary for the future of the company.

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