Classic Ford Trucks and a Crashed Site

Classic Ford Trucks and a Crashed Site

Some rare photos of classic Ford trucks were loaded to the Ford Heritage Vault site, and it gained so much popularity that it crashed.

These coveted images of vintage trucks were extremely popular and in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the iconic Ford F-Series truck lineup. This gives us the idea to cover some of the coolest vintage Ford models from the past. Of course, Ford has since doubled the computer server capacity to ensure the site won’t crash again in case you want to visit the site and see some of the more than 9,000 images of these classic models.

What are ten of the coolest Ford trucks ever made?

1948 Ford F1

The very first Ford pickup truck is the F1. This amazing pickup inspired a work-friendly environment and was exactly what we needed following World War II. This original truck was only offered with a manual transmission, and it used a flathead V8 engine to produce 100 horsepower. At the time, this power was respectable and gave Ford the desired entry into the truck world with this impressive new F1.

1978-1980 Ford Bronco

Technically not a truck, the second generation of the Bronco was one of the coolest Ford models ever to hit the road. This SUV was bigger than its first-generation model, putting it in line with the Blazer and Ramcharger of the time. This Ford Bronco came with an impressive engine that produced plenty of power. When you wanted an off-road monster for some fun on the trails, the Bronco could handle the job and give you the fun, and active ride desired out on the trails.

1970 Ford F-100

When the 1970s arrived, so did the Ford F-100. This was one of the most outstanding F-Series trucks ever made. Many owners have taken this truck and added some monster features to it to make it an off-road beast. The best part of what this Ford truck offered was the capability to be upgraded and modified to be exactly what you wanted. If you’re looking at some of the photos of off-roading Ford trucks on the heritage site, there’s a good chance several of them are this F-100 which is one of the toughest and most rugged trucks ever made.

1967-1977 Ford F-250 Highboy

If a half-ton pickup wasn’t enough for the job, the heavy-duty and bigger Ford F-250 Highboy was the truck that had the desired package. This truck could be had with either a six-cylinder engine or a strong V8, giving this truck the right levels of power for many owners to have everything desired. This big pickup was made for some fun on the trails with its incredible 4WD system and the package of off-road equipment that made it one of the best trucks to wear the blue oval.

1986 Ford F-150

The 1980s might have been an awful decade for the automotive industry as a whole, but trucks stood out as some of the best vehicles. The Ford F-Series trucks offered the classic boxy approach to working hard and standing tall. This amazing F-150 from the decade was stunning, and it can be one of the best trucks to modify and upgrade into an off-road monster that can be an amazing truck for some wonderful adventures. You’ll find tons of great photos of this F-150 when you check out the Ford Heritage site.

1993-1995 Ford Lightning

In today’s market, we look at the Lightning name as the electric pickup truck from this brand. The original model showed up as a powerful sports truck from Ford’s Special Vehicles Team (SVT). This sporty performance truck was a response to the Chevy 454 SS model. The Ford Lightning used an F-150 platform and a 5.8-liter small-block V8 that produced 240 horsepower. Like it or not, this was a strong number for the time, giving this truck the speed desired.

2009 Ford F-450 Harley-Davidson

Not only did this amazing Ford pickup bring the Harley-Davidson name to the market, but it also had massive power and an opulent cabin to deliver the charm and stunning build desired in an incredible truck. This might not be one of the classic Ford trucks yet, but it certainly makes a statement, especially when towing a large trailer with a couple of Harley’s insides. This truck offered the big size and amazing performance that make it one of the earliest high-end pickups offered.

1953-1956 Ford F-100

The second generation of the F-Series pickup went from being the F1 to the F-100 name. This truck was absolutely gorgeous, and it became one of the most useful trucks in the market. Ford gave this pickup an overhead-valve V8 engine that pumped out nearly 180 horsepower by 1956. This was a big step up from the first F1 model that barely crossed the 100-horsepower mark. The 1953 version of this truck was the first time for an automatic transmission in a Ford pickup.

2020 Ford F-150 Raptor

The 2020 version was the second coming of the Raptor name, and it brought an incredible level of performance and power to make it one of the most amazing off-road trucks ever offered for some fun on the trails. In most countries, the Raptor is considered the coolest truck ever made. Here in America, other truck names have tried to reach the Raptor level of performance, but none have quite found the same formula that makes this an incredible truck wearing the Ford blue oval.

1925-1927 Ford Model T Runabout Pickup

The Ford F-Series trucks began in 1948 with the F1, but Ford made its venerable Model T into a pickup truck during the mid-1920s. This little truck was the first made by Ford and the first mass-produced model offered. The Model T Runabout was only able to manage 20 horsepower, but the box on the back changed the way cargo could be delivered, giving delivery professionals easy access to the rear of this truck where they could reach their items.

The Ford Heritage Site is up and running, and you can see the amazing array of photos offered while also enjoying some of these incredible Ford trucks that are part of the history of this brand.

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