A Ford Concept that Could be Fun

As we await the Ford Ranger’s arrival at dealerships around the country, the Ford team in other countries is busy working on a variety of ways to make the Ranger better and offer more capabilities for this truck. Recently, the Sao Paulo International Motor Show is where we got to see a new Ranger being offered that’s a concept model for now. This new version of the truck might be one that could be used in other countries, but sadly, we won’t see this version of the Ranger make its way to the US.

What is the New Ranger Concept?

We already know that that Ranger Raptor isn’t expected to make its way to our market. Ford might bring the Raptor in the future to give us a midsize truck that can compete with some of the models offered by the competition, but this truck needs to take one step at a time. In other markets, the Ranger has been around for a long time and now a new Ford Ranger Storm is being shown off as a concept model in Brazil to give us a look at a truck we certainly would love to drive. The new Ranger Storm model is based on the Ranger Limited trim which means it has the upgraded features and qualities that we want in a truck. On top of the Limited trim, we see massive “Storm” lettering across the grill and rear tailgate, a snorkel for going through the water, 17-inch wheels, Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain tires, and a ton of plastic body cladding to help this truck stay out of trouble. This truck showed up at the show with a copper paint job that fades to black as you move to the rear of the vehicle.

An Interesting Feature on the Ranger Storm

Starting at the top of the roof just behind the area the windshield meets the roof is a set of roof rails. These rails extend to the back of the roof and beyond. That beyond area is what makes them interesting with a pair of handles near the bottom and areas that can serve as hand-holds or a place to tie off a rope or hook when you need to. These roof rails certainly could be a lot of fun to have on your truck and its something we hope will make the ride north to our market.

Not Powered Like a Raptor

One area that the Ford Ranger Storm Concept is different from what you can see in the Ranger Raptor is the power under the hood. The Storm is powered by a 3.2-liter five-cylinder diesel engine that makes 197 horsepower and 346 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive. Unfortunately, this truck is missing any of the off-road suspension features that would make it be more like the Raptor that we see in other markets. Maybe we will see some of the features from the Storm offered in the US, but don’t expect this entire truck to make its way to our market any time soon.

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